The $undance Kid - The Decision [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: The $undance Kid
Album: Rebel Life
Data wydania: 2014-05-20
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Rip lil snupe
Yeah yeah
Had to do this shit
Ahuh ahuh right

[Verse 1: The $undance Kid]

Yeah it's been a while since I was last in the studio
Never stopped the grinding and thought I should let you know
I'm still stacking plenty paper up on my radio
Rolling up plenty weed
Fuck recycling trees
I'm not exaggerating
This is the exact life that you need
Fuck the stress, just live blessed and free
People gonna talk shit but that's just to feel better for themselves
And you shouldn't let someone's ass talk to you and effect ya
Clear your mind & clear ya soul have an adventcha
Or just sit back and toke one, whatever you recommend yeah
Because this life is short & really cheap
Make the best of it, smile cheek to cheek
Make some positive influences on the people around ya
Just simply turn people's frowns upside down ya
But just do you, and I'll do me
Life is just so great, when you're free

I wake up and I bake up, brush my teeth and I head out, ride around sell some dope get the money and I get out, go home write a song, blaze up, record it, go to bed and pray, that I'll finally own it. (x2) Yeah haha

[Verse 2: The $undance Kid]

Haha you can talk that shit
But you'll never be as high as this
Fly as this
Rich as this
All your bitches are on my hit list
Keepin it real since I was a youngin'
So when I have some fake shit comin to me, it's all in the budget
Wait a few years and I'll be on the same shit
Leaving you clues in these songs but you mistake it
Cause you fake it
And I will be the greatest
Sure I'm an amateur, but that's just how I have to face it
I'll spit bars and leave you breathless
I was 7 when I first started spittin', playground shit, everyone was listenin'
Then I grew up and later I forgot
How important this shit was to me before I stopped
That's why I have to be on top, can't stop for a break
I'm going till I drop. I'm going till I faint
Then ima wake up and do it all again
Cause when you're chasing your dreams, boy you really gotta chase
Run for that bitch, because she's not gonna wait
You either have to speed up or pick up the pace
No in between. This is a race
Gotta catch up or fall back to last place
Either you're gonna make it or not .. okay
That's the decision we all gotta face

That we all gotta face...


Sundance kid haha
Don't forget the money sign
Rebel Life
Coming soon yeah

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