The Underground Gods - SOGL Cypher [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: The Underground Gods
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Crisis

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Bo Dean]
Check it, hold a dollar?
If you was a balloon, I wouldn't let you hold my breath
He Yasiin Bey now, cause when it come to killin' rappers
I brought the most to death
Who's next? Ask Goldberg, nigga
I don't pick 'em, just pick 'em apart
I think it's your turn, nigga
I come in, slaughter a house, I'll Drago Apollos
Macho bravado, a mix with Aristotle and Zado
Swallow a hollow, where I go
"Bravo" they shout though
Only fro more popular is Ronald McDonald's, bitch
Beef with us, I'll kick your ass in the X-Ray room
So you can see every bone you break when I beat you up
They don't speak the truth, these cats Un Kasa from Dipset
If he was a credible source for info, unbelievable
Ask Mary, I go rounds, I'm buttin' these Joes
In the line for Hov's crown, it's 'bout to go down
I'm A1, you 'bout 5'9"
It'll be Liddell vs. Ortiz all over if you givin' me crooked eyes
Pull your card like Yu-Gi-Oh!, I'll cut his hands off
If success and wealth ain't what my future holds
I go from angel to demon
Treat him like a punchin' bag, hang him from the ceilin'
Then get to swingin'

[Verse 2: Hystory]
Since the few RL niggas was scared, let me get 'em
I'm different, I'm on the bus with a retarded kid spittin'
Extra chrome, usin' metaphors like they're metal force
Want all the cheddar, boy, any left, I won't settle for
Get your melon torn, different level that you're never on
Don't ever wife bitches with kids, she wish you never born
Weed activist, me and Mary elopin'
Smoke a dub on camera, cannabis promotion
I tell Dub, "Handle your boo", and I ghost 'em
They trash, you pick 'em up, you got a janitor's devotion
Flow like the ocean, shit that you could row in
Two bitches comin' together, nigga no twins
Tryna have a war with the words and get no wins
Respect when you approachin', or leave here with no chin
Hystory the great, yeah, got on my cape, yeah
Bananas, you would think they shot the Planet of the Apes here
Pressin' my buttons get you a hollow, you must hate yourself
Only one that's feelin' you is you, you should date yourself
Obvious you niggas wanna die, I can't wait to help
I think Paul George just showed you that you should pace yourself
Drawin' off you niggas mistakes, go 'head erase yourself
'Fore a dead rapper give off an odor that you ain't ever smelled
Put the lead on you like a script, can't remake yourself
The mothafuckin' champ, ain't nobody gon' take the belt

[Verse 3: T-Dubb-O]
This what the game's been missin' so let's fill the void
Still in the trenches so everything got extensions on, dipshits I warn
If it's war, just send me whole 50, lord suppressin'
Coolin' system so it don't get hot, to 37 like Tity Boi
Enigma with the pistol, riddle you with bullets
When that cannon drum, gimme the gun, I'm a mobster, I'll cap one
Get it? I'll cap one? Al Capone, tommy strapped, all black
Takin' heads so I'm speakin' in all caps
Tryna make a Washington out of nada
Cause life's a gamble like Nevada, I'm blind
Ocean's 11, no emotion, just motion this powder
'Til I erosion a mountain
Lyrical crook, don't butt in
This nickel and nine'll slaughter artists
Double limbs make chances slim as a starvin' artist
I'm starvin', at a harvest full of rappers, it's cursed
Wack niggas couldn't murder mics if they was Mike's surgeon
Can't nobody fuck with me
Y'all Eddie in Boomerang, gotta see defeat

[Verse 4:]
Born from a region where everything evil resides
A king in each one of my previous lives
I was schemin' before my most recent demise
On the means to make sure that my kingdom survives
Received the prestigious surprise
Now the key to my infinite sleep is denied
The demon arrives on the eve from revive
Retrievin' my soul 'fore it reaches the skies
Looks deep in my eyes with a villainous mug
The life stream starts to refillin' my lungs
That's when I begun my odyssey
Makin' the odds of me losin' [?] to none
How cool is, as ill as they come
So cool I can chill on the Sun
But stuntin' I send you to Dilla and Pun
And be killin' for fun like Attila the Hun

[Verse 5:]

[Verse 6:]

[Verse 7: Crooked I]
All my niggas are starving and reckless, come round here off wit ya necklace, robbin ya neck then hop in ya lexus, talking that shit like you come back for some revenge my nigga u not finna exit me and my homies gon' hop on some next shit, thats how we do with your head in St Louis the rest off your body is chopped up in Texas
U can call the detective they not gonna find you, let me remind you i don’t give a fuck about tryin out rhyme you but you keep talking the coffin is waiting the chalk’l out line you
I don’t why u think u can fuck with the CR, murderin a verse, put em in a herse, leave em in the dirt, hit em when it hurt, given em the work, I put u in a surgery with ER
I finish ya then diminish ya cause I’m the minister of sinister, You miniature like a midget bruh, I’m cold as the december temperature.. even colder than that, Gon finna clap get hole in ya hat got a guillotine for the head of the headline that’ll open the act ima open his back, Cause he didn’t remember i don’t give a fuck bout a hatin a gender, everybody wanna spit wit the realest and illest contenders but niggas rather stick their dick in a blender.. Get buried like a artefact, tell me where your heart is at i put hand cuffs on your heart thats a cardiac arrest I’m given niggas heart attacks!

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