Toki Wright - The Feeling [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Toki Wright
Album: A Different Mirror
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Brother Ali

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Tekst piosenki

"I've got a feeling. I just can't reveal it. When you are near me. Just can't conceal it."

Intro: (Brother Ali Speaking)
No no no. Naw. Not buying it dude. I'm not buying you on the microphone
See these dude over here man, see this is a lifetime thing that's goin' on man
We put our life into this. This is not something you jump up and do
Toki please testify right now

[Verse 1: Toki]
Grabbin' on your Adam's apple
Wild as Axl, Rose when it comes to shows
Hop up in the front row knock your beer down
Screaming into the microphone, blow your ear out
I'm rockin' on them haters mane
Make the crowd hit the ground when they hear that 808
Get my can on blam on
When I rock you swear it was a shan bar in Ann Bar?
And I promise when you touch the booth
Can I come out of it you're gonna need a couple screws
Blow the doors off the hinges
The door break the frame and your frame break your lens
I build and destroy
Ain't Larry Craig leg but you're feeling your boy
And y'all ain't messing with this excellence
Send them in and you can get your next of kin stretched again


[Toki speaking]
Lay down flat. Naw, you ain't fuckin' with Ali man
Yo Ali man, you gotta let these cats know what time it is man
Let's go. Let's go

[Verse 2: Brother Ali]
Uptown, downtown
Crowned and world renown
Stuck my dick in the ground and spun the whole world around
Booty Graymore?, reborn my dirty mouth
Swerve through your little urban town ready to burn it down
Rap is feeling is like the curb is in your mouth
Doc Martin steady restin' on your neck, you're plenty nervous now
They heard about it word of mouth
The truth is the lights is when I'm in the house roach's scurry out
Rude boy, murder sound
I burst around I hit you dead directly in the chest, spun your shirt around
Jump back daddy
My size 12 wide Kenneth Coles will reside in your ass cavity
Come back hand slap spectacularly
Never hit a woman, but a rapper I will smack them silly
Why one would try to wrestle with me
If I go to war I'm bring half of Minne Apple with me


[Brother Ali Speaking]
Ha ha ha ha. This is how it's done
Toki man. Take me back to the North side man
As a kid, take me back

[Verse 3: Toki Wright]
I used to take 808 breaks
On cassettes made off the best techs with the paper mate
Scrape every nickle out the bottom of the pickle jar
Rather count the record though I know where mama's pistols are
Growin' up Buddhist in the middle of the apple seed
Raised around some wankstas, straight up out the baby factory
Every up day another punk would want to scrap with me
Now-a-days I see the same old punks, they want to rap with me
I tell them e-mail me
Now them same suckers be e-mailing me daily
On the road I got dissed on the Internet
But I was on the road and you hoes was on the Internet
I punk fire out a young squire, heavily
Get a penalty, from the umpire
I'm so hungry check my appetite
So y'all better eat your heart out like a sacrifice
You can call it all basic
I'm AT&T more bars in more places
I got more lines than Asics
Gels, you can tell that I'm tight by how I laced it
Bout to do to y'all is nothin'
Best hit to come up out the Twins since Kirby Puckett
When it comes down to having more to say
Best believe a brother knows the Time and the Morris Day
I'm on my up north shit
My DC, midwest, bust off quick
And I roll with the Brother like
We were two seeds born out the same mother Wright


[Outro: Brother Ali speaking]
Ha ha. Yeah, that's right. Shit, that's exactly right
Mr. Wright. See we come from a time where, we had to fight
We had to bleed for this shit. We come from a time where
To grab a microphone you had to be willing to get stole in the face if you weren't tight
Now y'all cats got a computer, now all of a sudden you an MC
You wanna write websites and all that old bullshit
What you hearing in this music man, this is our experience
This is our heart. This is our soul in this shit
And it just so happens we're blessed to take this music around the world

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