Tre Demond - Trouble / Girl Next Door [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Tre Demond
Album: The Wedding Singer
Data wydania: 2014-02-14
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Tre Demond

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Tre Demond]
Coming from the true side
The Dallas Morning, FOX News side
Where we blew by
The hater niggas that threw signs
Riding round the city with a blunt & a dream though
I'll get high today cause it's my therapy like chemo
Waking up today, my nigga, feeling like I'm regal
I'm king ho
Young ass cocky nigga, I'm clean though
Same little nigga shooting hoops with all the tall homies
Now they look at me & they can't wait to see me ball on them
Used to walk to school with all the bitches & my Ralph on
Never gave a fuck about a nigga tryna rap
Or a nigga talking reckless with that heater on his hip
That boy know that he'd be gone because my cousin was a Crip
That boy probably plotting on me, "Imma catch him when he slip
He be at that Whataburger Friday nights with that bitch
We been tryna fuck every single night since the 10th"
I was only just a freshman, they were juniors, what a trip
Mama tryna keep me safe, "Tre, don't you leave this house tonight!"
I snuck out, my nigga parked around the corner, we get high
We go out
To that party, felt like time be passing by
Headed to the Eastside where all them niggas yelling "Slime!"
From the other side of town where them fine hoes be at
Just a nigga from the Nawf, that's how my mind goes in that
Phone buzzing with the Mavs' update, we hit 100
Pulled up to that Taco Bueno, all of us blunted
Hear a nigga talking stupid in the parking lot, here we go
Niggas started shooting & we dipped out, hell no!
Police sirens ringing through the city, I'm in trouble
The only thought that's playing in my mind is my mother
I can't go to jail, I'm only 14 with a dream
Made it back to my house without her noticing a thing
Sneak right back through my window
Fall asleep listening to Ice Cube
Addicted to that trouble, but they know me as that nice dude

[Verse 2: Thieron]
My mind stupid, my nigga, it's like a hurricane
Ain't no PBS, my childhood was explicit mayne
I seen them bodies dropping, cars peeling off
If you had a hard top, nigga blew your ceiling off
My cousins tried to keep me from it
But they couldn't, we surrounded
By them killers getting vicious for that money, they so bout it
Keep a secret if you got it, cause them bitches gone be plotting
Seen boss ass niggas fuck a bitch & see them shottas
I'm a product of New Orleans, murder my 2nd language
But I shall never speak it, til a bitch nigga make me
Lost my brother for a year
I had demons in my ear
Telling me to "Just say fuck it & go murk something this year"
But I couldn't, I was reading his letters like hope you doing well
And he better than me, I couldn't be in no fucking cell
I would've went crazy, like fuck this shit
Don't touch me bitch, I'm above this shit
Probably would've took my covers off & just hung & shit
So, I took probation for the case that I was facing
Wasn't tryna see no cell, I'm better chasing the paper
The judge told me she hate me, bailiff just looking racist
So I went & fucked a white chick to get over the hedges, hanh
Let it equal up like 4+4
That's 8 niggas hating me cause I fucked they ho
Got one gun, two clips, but I'm deadly with the fight too
Addicted to that trouble, but they know me as that nice dude, hanh

[Outro: Tre Demond]
Addicted to that trouble
Addicted to that trouble
Addicted to that trouble
Addicted to that trouble

[Verse 3: Tre Demond]
My addiction
Only 14 with a dream
Of me waking up laying on the side of a queen
For the first time
Is it like them shows I be watching?
Do sparks fly when the condom hit the pocket?
Sleepless nights in my neighborhood, I'm faking good
I ride around on my skateboard
Watching out for her, she watches for me, everybody's watching
Ironically, had that Trojan in my wallet
Just waiting for my first time
Would I lie to my kids & say I spent that special moment with their mother?
I can't tell them I was rolling with my niggas
We got high, he invited couple bitches and I fucked them
That was my first time
No love story, no need to quote
Just a nut from a ho
Still ashamed cause I never told a soul
Except the girl watching over my window
And so we roll

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