Truck North - Band Of Au [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Truck North
Album: Murder By Mourning
Data wydania: 2014-01-11
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Truck North]
I'm the king of the north raising the black flag
Black on black call me the black John Cash
A black mask turn a thug to the black flask
Put your band on the run make them scatter fast
Student of the game at the head of the class
This is where the titans clash, this the monster mash
In a pool of your own blood I make a splash
That's when I put the hulk smash on your girl's ass
Bring them body bags homes, cause I'm back home
Rag under the crown, black velvet throne
Show you how to [sin???] them girls like I'm Velvet Jones
Pimp hand so hard like it's made of stone
And my heart so cold that it's been froze
Stand tall niggas couldn't see me on they tip-toes
Riding 'round blowing smoke out the window
Then I bring the drama to your door like ten-fold
Yea breaker one nine nigga ten fo'
Bow in the presence of a king like I'm Nat Cole
Hopped out the old school with the chrome nose
With a heavy 14 karat gold figaro
A little game, little dinner, little Luther Vandross
Then I'm in her drawers then she getting out nigga
Still blazing she tell me I'm amazing though
Said she wanna [??] but she crazy though

[Verse 2: Black Thought]
If it's a rapper that can test me alive
Nigga, Elvis Presley alive
I'm the best I'm from S-P and I know T-M-I like espionage
I met a chick named Leslie that said she impressed by Kanye West me and Nas
And that she wanted me to just be advised
In her opinion I had the sexiest eyes
She asked me if we could kick it like Tae Bo
Coast to coast L.A. to Chicago
And she be at all the places that I go
Even though I got a house wife like Bravo
I said nah yo, that a be a prob so
Please stop staking me out like 5-0
P.R. Jones up inside the body
[???] S-L Diablo
Cause a nigga hot like brimstone
So they gonna sweat ya boy like gym clothes
Asking me to pull it out like an ingrown
Because I got bars sicker than a syndrome
Celebrating like I'm inside the end zone
You just finding out? You shoulda been known
It's no touching me, these niggas know they just can't fuck with me
Friends only

[Verse 3 STS]
Cheeba cheeba band leader of the band of gold
I need a red bone philly and a Santigold
I got a red bone bitch what's up with Santigold
Ay shawty fuck with a nigga nigga nigga ho
Part of me been on my mind all week and
And part of me been on the grind all week
But a part of me just wanna find a little freak
I get a couple uh uh's put a nigga to sleep
They call me mista nigga nigga when I'm out in the street
Cause ain't no nigga nigga nigga nigga fuckin with me
I need a little liquor liquor and a whiff of the trees
[[[And I should be pete pick a pepper like MC???]]]
Mo goes on, and my sick flow flows on
I live in south west philly, but the swatch is my home
Never go wrong with a clique as tight as that ass, and bad as mosquitoes
You didn't know the falcons fly with eagles
There we go talking that cash shit
Better than them mother fuckers talking that cash shit
Jam Boy funeral home, we stamp the motto on the casket
Kill em and we fill em we some ignorant bastards
So the jig is on, your jig is up
[??] before I give a fuck
I ain't sip the Kool-Aid when they passed around the sippy cup
You silly fucks, everything that glitter ain't gold
If it ain't gentleman of leisure than you probably got sold
[???] the world the clock struck twelve
I'm the illest out Atlanta, nigga hell fuck yeah
Am I the illest up in Philly? That would be a conundrum
Local ass niggas wrote verse out in London
Anything you doing I already done done done
Spit a couple bars at you niggas for fun fun
[??] for the hookers you niggas don't want none
Your crew run run run
Your crew run run

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