Tufresh Castellano - Want it All [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Tufresh Castellano
Album: Sour In Sicily
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: C&NBeats

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Tekst piosenki

[Hook: Tufresh]
Man, I Started off wit nothing
But nowadays its always something
Never frontin but you could say im always stuntin'
New jays on my feet pocket full a hundeds
I just want it all i just want it all
Steve nash after the surgery i just wanna ball (x2)


[Verse 1: Tufresh Castellano]
I just want it all, musta' woke up wit my pockets empty
Now Im Runnin thru school, clippin them lockers
Flippin deposits, to add more kicks to my closet
And cop some more tropic, till i die i ain't stopping
Skram block where I grew up, all my homies corrupt
If Segregation was over why we still banging these colors
Its all good, till you gotta go bang on ya brothers
Trill shit big homies never feel shit
Tell a youngin' to load a steel clip
Shooting when they could knuckle up
Its gon be a long sentence guess it's time to buckle up
We the celibate club, you niggas can't fuck wit us
Minds elevated chasing these aspirations
Passionate fashionable conversations sipping on peach ciroc
It set the mood for the occasion, since they lacking the education
Let me school em on paper chasing
Rule number one its always money before these bitches


[Verse 2: Tufresh]
Class is in session, tufresh the young professor im never stressing
They never question my aura unless its rhetorical
Historically im a ruthless child that lived to tell the story
For those behind bars or in a coffin
The streets claim alot some can't avoid it
Some niggas never gon ever leave the block
In this rat race might even go dip my feet in these stocks
Im gon be a rich man way before i go in the box
I swear this is for ty and this is for drizzy shit this for choo black and whoever you missin
Playin my position pitchin crack to the streets verbally
Ahead of my game them loomis gon wanna murder me
I pray i never gotta ride emergency
And one day you all can say where you heard of me
Stole the torch for the liberty straight up burglary
Before they ain't notice me but now they know its me

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