U.N.L.V. - Mac Melph Calio [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: U.N.L.V.
Album: Mac Melph Calio
Gatunek: Rap, Bounce

Tekst piosenki


Now everybody's talkin' about they run it and that war shit
But they never seen a playa tellin' to y'all the real hit
Brace yourself, protect y'allself
Cuz I'ma take a journey to that three and I'ma start in the Melph

Chorus (UNLV):

From the Mac to the Melph to the Calio....
I carry six guns, three eighties and K's, Glock forty-fives
From the Mac to the Melph to the Calio...
I'ma shoot'cha in your head, makin' sure your dead

First Verse (Tec-9):

Now as I raise up, it is a must I put my chrome K up
Straight playa from Uptown, where everything goes down
From up in the skinny smokin' puff, you feel I'm bustin'
Twelve years strong in the Melphanine
Nothin' but a Juvey growin' up around dopefiends
I remember when we all used to just play ball
But as time when by, my ball partners they started to fall
But I was taught by the G from that old school
As I got older, the old school seemed cool
But back then you didn't need to pack no grip
If you ain't got no strap, then you just got that ass whipped
And it was cool with the Mac and the Calliope
They came together and controlled nothin' but the dope
This shit is real, I ain't gone bullshit at all bro
The real story about the Mac, Melph, and Calio


Second Verse (Lil' Ya):

Now I'm headed to the muthafuckin' Mac
Stop at the Black Gate so I could get a fat sack
Roll up a Swisher now it's time to get blowed
Creepin' round the Mac peepin' out them dog ho's
Saw my nigga Slim, in a Torry bumpin' Ivan
Got them tinted windows so them hoes don't see who drivin'
With a loaded uzi, Tec-9, ak, I'm packin' down more
Drivin' down real low, tryin' to get to circle
Picked up my dope out the Mac
That's when I headed down to the fiend
Tryin' to get to the Melphenine
Cuz in the Melph there's a hoe that I gotta see
Shout real fine, and plus I heard she likes a "G"
Met her creeped back there, and you know I fucked the hoe
I fucked her so good, she gave me more to score
Now my pockets are full, I got my gat
I'm headed to the Calliope where the fuckin' dope at
Saw my nigga Levi, with a nitro wearin' Levis
We chillin' in a coke, smokin' blunts, gettin' high
Five-oh pulled up, and at once I started to stash
I had to break because I had the automatic
I had to break to my shop, so I could sell all my dope
I'm at the end of my journey, from the Mac, Melph, Calio


Third Verse (????+????):


Alright, they got a lot of my fuckin' homies, best believe they bout that
Shit, packin' them lugers and K's, ready to carry all my gangsta hits
People are sayin' this, and people are sayin' that
But I'm the nigga that's out the third and best believe I bring my gat
I got psycho, up, lead and you heard I'm bout to pluck
Broad, came to here and all in the studio they got pumped
Don't try to trap me nigga cuz you know my heart is bigger
I'm bound to pop 'em up, and you know we bring them triggers
Rock and roll 'em up and best believe we pullin' shit
Say you hard but I just don't feel because that third we never quit
Just bounce 'em back and feel 'em, saw 'em go down and now they pay
Just bring back your head cuz you've made your major play
Now why you causin' gangsta shit? If you know you ain't bout no drama
Your Daddy probably a coward, bitch go bow to your fuckin' Mama


Now I done came up, and become a true soldier
Kickin' it with this new bitch in the wild Magnolia
Soon to be a soldier, soon as I get straight
I'm sowin' nickel bags from out there, right by the Black Gate
And it's the fire provider til' I get back to Mac
Dub sack after the dub sack, my lungs is turnin' black
Gettin' it with my nigga, soon as night fall we all got
Money to make
So we makin' it shake
Movin' all night flights just to keep everythang
But I'm short on the game in the funny style
Start fuckin' around, with a juvenile
You see the bitch was tryin' to sink a nigga, G
Talkin' all my business in the muthafuckin' streets
She said, "What more do I got"
That bitch be naggin' a lot
And what she failed to realize, is it's your own house
And you don't have to tell a nigga what to do
Gimme my shit, because you know that I'm leavin' you
I got myself another connection in the Calliope
These bitches strung out here, I gotta sell my dope
And they are good and watch my back
Because they see me ballin'
But rather see a nigga fallin'
And I got raps like that, from the snaps of the gat
And if you touch'em I'm gone have to buck you down
You stupid clown
Momma should have told ya
Never fuck around with a Uptown soldier


Fourth Verse (Yella):

Deep in the nineties and you know we gotta play it raw
Jump in the ride, and voodoo tense you know we rep it so
Say why you walkin' you too cute I know you got a car
She say I wish and you too cute now where you goin'
They call me Yella and what's your name, she say they call me Twin
She started to grin I said get in and started a sharp spin
Went to my house before I knew it I was fuckin' this hoe
The skin is loose I'm hearin' $lu somebody's at the door
And it's that nigga who's pussy whipped and kinda out of control
I didn't have my shit, I hit the floor I ran and drove this hoe
He with his friend, shout throughout my house "SAY TWIN"
I left my car, stretched out the back and now you caught slippin'
About a mile from the rip of the Calliope
I say that now, buck 'em down
"Say up now yo!"
I kick it to him, he say "What I'm down I got a Mac"
As a matter of fact let's hit the Mac now where the braids at?
I said I need to help the girl
He said "What's up, what's happenin'?"
I say "You strapped?", He said "Fa sho, I'm always bout that action"
And he went because he's juvey yes just like myself
Talkin' bout lil' yo-yo cruise the scene because he's out the Melph
Back to the scene, open the ridge, yeah he cost a broad
He leaves the scene reppin' it down reppin' for his ward
We hit the light and started bangin'killed the hoe
Just for two mills
One they killed, yo I think it was a set-up


From the Mac to the Melph to the Calio

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