Vellocity - TTU [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Vellocity
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: General Beats, Positive Road

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Tekst piosenki

[Hook: Vellocity]
Ok let me clear my throat this the moment of clarity
From the city where kids bang like chief keef so them boys ain't scaring me
Caked up all the girls want a slice so they're quick to let us cut
Me and my team are too turned up turn down for what
On to the next we ain't known to cuff
Keep It 100 we ain't known to bluff
A lot of money in our pockets yeah we known to stuff
Y'all talk like y'all bout it but y'all ain't tough
Ball all day and we wild all night ain't nobody going hard as us
Me and my team too turned up turn down for what

[Verse 1: Vellocity]
Bout to get it in tell them boys get back
Make them stand up for us like they sitting on tacks
Get a lot of attention from the IRS
Cause I ball all year like its income tax
I know y'all wanna foul me cus I'm hitting all net
Vellocity's the general y'all just cadets
Rapping turned from a hobby to a habit like that
Versatile while y'all boys stuck rapping like that
The game sweet hard work feel like a vacation
When I say I'm getting money that's a verification
Tryna get more spins than a radio station
No twix rapping cus it ain't no breaking
Money talking to me I don't need no translation
My bank might be flattering but ain't no imitation
Me and my team heading straight for the top like thots
We can't lose the only ties we accept is knots
The only way you gone win is if you calling them shots
You boys is pump faking y'all scared to release the rock
And we the run and gun offense it's been like that from the beginning
While y'all was lacking Trynna pace it we was celebrating at the finish
And we scream fto my team winning
Red tape my team killing
Grab some girls that ain't catching feelings
Down for whatever my team willing


[Verse 2: Vellocity]
Reporting live from Chirac where they carry more guns than a private eye
Warrior this my war cry school in session keep it classy like a black tie
Show that girl that my money stack high now she wanna comply
These girls get hung up on the racks then we leave them out to dry
Don't got no time for no needy girl we need our space
And girl don't get too comfortable it ain't hard to get replaced
2 steps ahead of y'all so nah we ain't gone chase
The only chasing I do is paper I can tell you ain't used to that race
Man up band up like I been cooling with King L
She see that we bout that Microsoft we just Trynna excel
Homie wanna fight over shorty that's his girl and he saw me with her
Ain't my fault she throwing me the cat I ain't even want none of the kitty litter
So much designer on we a walking trend
Life's a party right now plus one bring a friend
But it's our time we turning up thermometer we burning up
Ain't never ask for no handouts it's just us we earning up


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