Vikram Mudaliar a.k.a V555 - My life [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Vikram Mudaliar a.k.a V555
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki


Let me take you through a story that sounds some thing like this
Seeking peace in this world I ended-up curling my fist

(Verse 1)
Down the memory lane, thinkin about the days that have gone.....
I wish I could've had a count of the fake faces they've worn
I'm gonna go back in time when music thrived as a crime
Now they call it a 'thug-life'..n I think its a mime
Every Tom, Dick and Harry think that they have what it takes..
They can mock being real but they're still a couple of fakes
Sometimes I sit back, relax with my eyes tightly closed
Thinkin about the times wen I ran my fist through the doors
I hate to live a life thats just a lie, seems like I am at war
I even hide from the light to conceal the scars
Somewhere deep with-in me, I always knew ma life was a sin
I realize life was a curse but there's an outrage within
Its sometimes hard to believe, but its not so hard to resist
The fact that they might have written me off but I survived to exist
I try to find the rhyming words to mix n match with the verse
I'm still bleeding n breathing, I wonder what may have been worse


(Verse 2)

Though this is my party n we are the hosts
They act like they don't know me n like they've seen a few ghosts
Look at em motherfu^kers , they think am a racist
I feel like I'd punch em leave marks on their faces..
They hate me stretching from where I stand to the end of coast
Believe me I live my life my way, I swear I hate to boast
People assume I just lay around,sit back, back-off and wallow
These niggas don't know me, I've left new footprints to follow
They don't want me around, They try pushing me down
I stayed down for too long , now look what I've found
I'm gonna be renewed, new like a shining penny right outta the mould
I cared for these [email protected] now my hearts just gone cold
I pen down my fate, its just like I'm having to fight my way 'from rags to riches'
I've taken a plunge now I don't really care for these 'lame fake @ss b!tches'
I've been fighting for long I'm tired of trying my luck'
Now honestly speaking it don't matter no more, I don't give a fu^k....!!!


(Verse 3)

It takes more than you can see from where you stand
You live in a society, I have my own land
You tried to walk in my shoes, I do understand
Even though you live with the same air that I breath
On the surface its breeze ,there's a storm underneath
You can give it all that you've got.. I'll still take what is mine
Go-ahead just show me the door and I'll walk the line
Although they heard my cries into the night
Man these times were hard, nobody stood by my side
I was unable to walk but I wanted to fly high
Feel the rhythm of my life, touch the sky

I've been up all night with a mind that was caged
Lived with my nightmares that, time managed to change
Now Its been a while since I stopped being nice
Look at em shiver at the very sight of my cold blooded eyes

I felt like I was all alone in a long dark deserted hall
The clock just stopped ticking n looks like my life that is stalled
I don't mind rubbing shoulders with you, believe me you
It was warm in the beginning.. now that the feeling is fried
I might break a bone or two in the fight , least I would have tried
Stopping you from every promise that u fake
I'm gonna strike back at you , lets see how much you can take..

Living in mere darkness I must come-out to light
They keep barking around me, but nobody fights
I've been a wounded soldier before now I'm a knight
I thought I was done with my rap now am scaling new heights ..

Nobody's worth trusting.. this I learnt from the fall
There no need to keep thrusting wen in the middle of a brawl
Been Stoned for like ages I hate hanging out in them malls
You mess with me I won't care I'd kick you in the [email protected]
Flow's critical, wen rhythmically rhyming the words, man this is fun
Speak with your fist and you'll bow down to the gun

The air around me did feel so hollow
I try to come up but the depth won't stop to swallow
Like a pit that never ends and I keep falling down
This shits hard to re-live, but I ain't slowing down
I found a need for this frown, to turn it upside down
Until I make my ground, I've made up my mind I'll keep tossing around


I lived in mere darkness, with no where to go
I 've been to these places that nobody knows
No excuses, I've felt pain through my bones
I've taken blow after blow, but always came back for more
The fuel was there now that the fire is lit
With poisonous words its venom that I spit
Now I riddle with the words and rhyme with a flow
Give me a mic and i'll put up a show
Its almost time for sunrise, I'm still awake
I've been to hell n back, now, give me a break!

V555- We Rule!

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