Wavvytilldeath - Shallow [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Wavvytilldeath
Producent: Yung Rymas
Tekst: Solar

Tekst piosenki

I'm creepin through the shadows
All the fucking drugs I do keep me shallow
You know I got the ammo
Boy talking shit imma hit him with some hallows
Painting a perfect picture with the blood of the 5'0 think I'm Picasso
I'm a (?) In the streets these young dudes call me young Pablo
Homicide on my mind all I want to do is end the life of mankind
And yes I'll admit I'm probably possibly one of satan's greatest designs
I'm walking that vine with that switch on my hip
Light up my blunt while I watch the blood drip
I'm laughing at all the sins I commit
Boy if you on that corner that licks getting hit
I pull up at the spot it the dose dose
Now your life is looking like bad news
I don't give a fuck about your new crew
I'll break them like some glass leave them in the past
You looking confused because you finished in last
I'll tell you the reason my crew is so vast
We smokin on gas
We going so fast
Man We will never be passed
Hunnit thousand rounds to your fuckin chest
When I come around here better show me some respect boy
L.A what I rep triple 6 until my death
If a bitch talkin shit I guarantee he meet his death
Slice your throat watch your blood leak on the stone
Throw the body in the lake
I'm about to hit the store
Fuck a swisher hoe
Fiji water what I pour
My remorse man been at a all time low
I don't give a fuck no
The only thing i think about is death
Catch me running threw the set
Catch me in hell at the lowest depths
Triple 6 got on my chest
I might forgive but I don't forget
Catch you slippin you gonna regret
Lucifer the only thing I accept
Saysh be the gang Rap be the game
I don't give a fuck about no other name
You claim you can hang
We smoke a pack but you a shame
Get the fuck out of our lane you bitch

Gone of the mother fucking drank
Another dutch down with the dank
Pull up and I hop out like skirt
These lyrics I'm packin but this pen will hurt
The curse the worse
Satan bless me upon him and the hearse
He made me rewrite whole verse
I said fuck a chain let a rope hang
Rest upon my neck until I end the pain

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