Wes Blak - Yuckmouth [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Wes Blak
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Im not obedient. Im a fuckin rebel
Im not a little angel. Im a fuckin devil
I dont have a heart. Im not a fuckin human
I dont have a conscious. I just fuckin do it
Consequences dont bother me. I should probably
Think differently. Im not crazy....honestly
Cause I do think. Yes, I take psychology
And sociology. I just dont care how you acknowledge me
Yuckmouth! Who let the big bad wolf out!?
I got everything at stake like a fucking look out
My life on the line like a type-rope
I'll spit on you niggas. I mean shit on you niggas
That was a typo
Bitch what this smell like? Rhetorical
I know that my shit smell piss poor horrible
And if you dont think Im raw then you must be frontin
Since you mad that you can't fuck with me like we first cousins, nigga

And I slip off the latex just to leave the evidence
Of my apex when I rage rape ya tape decks
This ughh-- arrogant dick is too raw for safe sex
So put a condom on my tongue if you scared of aids test
Dont take this as an A list or a brainless
Rapper talkin bout swagger or how he famous
Shut your anus cause you be talkin out your asshole
Put a sock in your exhaust and a brick on the gas yo!
Kill yoself nigga! -- Savor on the flavor
Of defeat, when you dyin in the heat on ya seat
Of that old school Caprice and it'll be so discrete
Cause your life's worth as much as a thrift store receipt
No return- and your urn will be marked by your killa
When I spit in it, like a pop filter-- Im iller
Than a villa in the gilla of a village in Vietnam
Dont get bitch slapped like Nia Long!
Cause I drop bombs! Like Vietcong!
And watch your limbs fall off....Solange
Unhh! Listen to the sinister lullaby
Jimmy spit crack corny rappers not a son of I
But I father these niggas...like Im their step though
They call me yuckmouth cause my words be scented of strep throat
You smell me? No? Then fuck you!
Bet an imprisoned child molester wouldn't touch you
Cause your worthless....

Shit, I mean why so many haters?
Im just doin me and I ain't talkin masturbation
Save that for my late nights when Im losing focus
On my motives to regain my focus
Honestly, fuck a barbie- I'd rather have a dumb slut
Dirty as sut- thatll give it up faster than I bust a nut
Cause her tits n ass realer than you pussy niggas
Dont get the picture? Then go figure nigga

Im Nas mixed with Jigga- Biggie mixed with 2Pac
Michael mixed with Cobain- Ye mixed with Pete Rock
And if clothes the topic I say muthafuck a g-shock
Im flyer- Ima need a lot of clearance like Reboks
No tattoos, still cool, fuck school!
Dont like rules, I come first like bad news
You good news, after me unless its a venue
We performing at then I'll be goin on after you
After two bars, it feel like you on bars
Cause you too slow to catch up like retards
In AP classes that's classrooms are circular
And when you act up I'll send you to the corner bitch!
(Time out)

Time in- I just wanted to prove that I go
Harder than your favorite rapper on a scale of 1-10
Im 15 with a 16 that'll leave you listening
For more sick shit, yet im pristine- pure

You niggas play ill, well im the cure
You niggas say you beast, well I like furs
Ya lyrics trash you got quantity but no quality
All ya songs sorry nigga keep your apologies
And choke on em! Soak on em! I joke on em!
Kill em then poke on em! Implode on em! With no warning
Im a star so I rip em apart with the black hole, worm hole
Cause I spit shit like my mouths my asshole
Im past gold....muthafucka

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