2Deep - Going Up [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: 2Deep
Data wydania: 2014-03-19
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: P.R

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Tekst piosenki

[Produced by: P.R]

Aye dont wait, i'ts 2Deep, Yessur
Sheek Louch
PR what up?

[Verse One: Skyzoo]
I promise you that we going up
And that tag when we get up there so you know its us
Make it and where all the winters is approaching us
Either that or the distance is getting smaller
Witness what you recall, the coming of where we met
Habits to new money its spot like we spent
Drop right on the benz, if the scenery on
And know if something get in you see me like the mob
Planning for all that to be the summer
And every summer after for as long as we wanna
What we be calling a come up, and if it ever turns past tense
Then that means that we up and now you should add wins
Still know how it feels to have ends that never meets
Will never leave, never breathe without
Being drefted in the shit that make you all check
And never knowing what it is that I ever want less

Can't you see that we're going up

[Hook: Ray Hill]
Yes we're living it up
Baby baby bitch we come and conquered it all
Yes we're going up Up
Money fast cars more
I saw my dreams I want it all
Every step that I take
I'm going up

[Verse 2: 2Deep]
Ayo what up this 2Deep
I know yall miss me I'm back
Yeah, Okay

Now you catch me if you can but I'm probably long gone
SYD to Shanghai to Taiwan
I'm everywhere you've never been from Seoul to Hong Kong
I get my grind on From Texas to Saigon
I'm on a mission for better livin you best beleive
I'm never Sleepin, I'm money gettin, I'm sellin trees
I'm heading place that you've never been
Crossover and then I'm going like I'm CP3
Now what it is its your boy 2Deep with Sheek Louch and Skyzoo over P.R Beats!
Heavy grind so we don't get no sleep, we counting paper everyday of the week, like its easy
Yeah, so watch me get up off of some new shit
Cartier on the wrist, just to prove it
Monopoly plans, let you know I'm going up
It's 2Deep and the camp, yeah we're going up



[Verse 3: Sheek Louch]
2Deep what up Fam, Sheek Louch

Ayo, I'm a different animal, cannibal I eat these niggers
Different levels, I barely even speak these niggers
Years in the game, I still look the same
If you die hard in the street, well I never hear your name
Looking down at niggers while I'm sittin on the plane
Certified G, LOX comes in three
Sheek can make coco leave an ice tea
And she dont need a molly on motherfucking E
Hand on my rube, ready to shoot
All black, I don't come outside to look cute
Why pray down, nigger lay down
Put your face on the floor when I open up the door
Donnie on the draw, like coke in the straw
Overseas money, all I do is tour
My crew don't Sleep, These diamonds ain't cheap
Sheek Louch! D-Block and 2Deep D-Block!


Executive producer(s): Eclipse Studios & 3rd Dan Records
Written by: 2Deep, Skyzoo, Sheek Louch, Ray Hill
Produced and arranged by: P.R
Mixed and mastered by: Cuz D

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