A.Buc - Fruit Juice [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: A.Buc
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse: A.Buc]

Stress me out too early your gonna fuck up my production
Tell all my fienes to be patient and let me rock up this reduction
Cuz whether its crack or its rap you gotta’ whip it ’til its nothin’
But the most addictive fix stretched for all my peoples consumption
Don’t be making assumptions
Right not I’m only rappin’
Seems like its that or trappin’ in order to make it happen
Not many options where we from if the papers really your passion
So you know we cashin’ dashin’ and ducking all of the action
Cuz i ain't strapped with no action and this activist got me lackin’
Laughin as i just pass one and take a sip of this lean
Hit every bar in between cuz dammit she’s lookin
Skip to the next scene then suddenly next thing
She’s just searching for closure
But its never closed when the clothes fall off further we get from sober
So i told her to keep composure until all of my flows are over
They paying us based on quota and my quotes have never been colder
(damn why he rap like that)
Cuz I’m the youngin with the skill to put the Ville up on the map
We at the bottom of the hill ill throw the Ville up on my back
And run it straight up to the top don’t need to pick up any slack
I could do all of this with a blunt on my lips
Even squeeze Forbidden Fruit juice into my cup and take a sip
If this a balancing act bet i still don’t slip
You know all of them bitches love it when i pop it off the rip
So please don’t trip
I’m bout flip the script
Grab the game and dip
Grasp like a pistol grip
Words flying like hollow tips
You’ll realize soon as it hits
Your girl idolizing my dick
Now thats just me talking shit
I got pound cakes without the bricks
Sounds coming up quick
Fore she ain't wanna hit
But now she all on my shit
Like A.Buc do it
Please go do it
Run all thru that pussy like nobody been thru it
Soon as the labels find me man I’m really gonna lose it
Dog, i swear i really fucking do’s it
And if you the ruler I’m just bending the rules
Like that few times way back i was suspended in school
For stadning my ground
Funny now how I’m the man of this town
Still running around
Swear y’all could never hold me down
This that new sound thats just so profound
Timbo build that beat up and Ima tear that bitch down
We talking machine gun raps i got a thousand rounds
And Ima blast ‘em at your ass until you choke ‘em down
Its over now
A.Bucs closer now
And I’ve been polishing up the flow just to show you how

[Commentary: A.Buc]

Yeah man so like i said I've been polishing, working hard, its been some late nights, uh i learned a lot dropping the first project like as far as people around me and artist and direction I'm tryin to go, and like so I'm a lot more focused now and been working hard, shouts out to Heather (Peach), whats really good you know what I'm saying, you helped me you know what I'm saying, uh Tony Manzo back to the Can't Ignore, bruh I ain't even make that track but you been supporting since day one, Timbo$lice you to bro supporting since day one, with the beats that shit so crucial, my brother Buchshot(Ryan Buchler) he's been there when i was working on my EP shit, from way way back obviously my bro yeah, uh shouts out JC(Justin Conner), the whole squad on the East, Y'all know who you are, whats really good y'all e're about to be on soon i mean this is just the beginning, you know what I'm saying uh so everybody knows like yeah, they know that...

[Verse: A.Buc]
I keep some of my best shit like
Locked up really fuckin tight
Demon in my head just tryna' to provoke a fight
Dime in my bed she just tryna' poke tonight
But she's really not my type
And you know I'm steady workin the mics
Yeah steady workin the mics
My dreams in sight and everything alright
So look don't ever let anyone ever put you down
If you walk around hanging your head how will you ever rock the crown
My confidence once was lost but now it seems like its found
And you can try to run your mouth but you don't run my town
The weed ain't fucking up my potential
Mother fucker its balancing out my mental
I control the crescendo and tempo within my pencil
Let that sit in and play the next instrumental

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