A.Buc - Kiss The Ring (Who Taught Ya?) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: A.Buc
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Remix of Biggie's WHO SHOT YA
Tekst: A.Buc

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: A.Buc]
I wish they wouldn't have
They really shouldn't have
My bad if I'm talking really bad

[Verse: A.Buc]
Take off the bib and moved outta ya mommas crib
You know get off the nip
Get off my dick
Experience life a bit
Y'all talking way too much shit
And ain't even walking it
Y'all never been walking it
Four quarters and you still ain't got enough game
Sleeping in my lane you might just crash your whip again
I said four quarters and you still ain't got enough game
Sleeping in my lane you might just crash your whip again

But lets talk about a license its straight
When it comes to that i guess we can't relate
Like when it comes to being real and being fake
I can tell the difference in your voice when it shakes little boy
So its cool if you wanna call me that
Your girl call me the same cuz I ain't call her back
Did you come clean to her and tell her how you rap
Laughing just like a clown cuz your whole life an act
Little bitch
Try and keep up
Im posted at the spot with my feet up
So if y'all wanna run up four deep and get beat up
Me and one bro could come outside just to meet up
Cuz I'm twice the man that y'all ever be
My momma raised me to be twice the man y'all ever be
So throw dirt on my name still won't weather me
But i bet its gonna hurt when they begging me
Buc let it be Buc let it be
Oh my bad i don't know whats gotten in to me
Seems nowadays friends turn to enemies
Hating me for being everything that they pretend to be
Go kill yourself the only way you'll hear the end from me
Forgot who taught ya boy you better check ya memory
Only one to do it in your face while you envy me
And after four quarters bro I'm still the fucking MVP
So did y'all get it yet
Gambling with your life if you place that bet
Take it as a threat
Cut my mother fucking check
I swear all you pussy wannabes get no respect
No fuclk y'all
Y'all ain't earn shit
And all that cheap talk beef is gonna burn quick
Think you got a full plate them tables turn quick
And even with an iron fist you need a firm grip
Or grasp on reality
Those six tracks you dropped thats a tragedy
Fuck a gameplay you need a better strategy
After a couple plays y'all really gon' be mad at me
Cuz the best lines in your rhymes were derived from mine
So if you think that you can hang boy you out your mind
I tried to tell you that my style is one of a kind
And I'm too busy to kill birds one at a time

[Bird Machine sample: DJ Snake]

And i think its probably better that i let you know
You ain't creeping on nobody with Gambino's flow
I think its funny that you coming hypocritical
When every flow you have is so predictable
Its been done before
I swear y'all done for
And when i seen your ass in traffic what you run for
Ay ay what you run for
But its funny how classmates turn to fans as fist turn to hands
But they empty hands at that
So when you looking like that I look back like where was you at
Dawg like where the fuck was you at
When i was sleeping out the six
Feining for a fix
Dreams of getting rich
But i ain't rest a bit
It was dumb to try and test the kid
Trying to kill my vibe is like committing suicide
Cuz i know a couple homies that be known to ride

[ROTV Sample from unreleased track]

[Verse: A.Buc]
Feels like everybody and the Ville on my back
Yeah you was told the story but you don't even know the half
Soon as i started spitting I knew this shit would crash
Especially when old friends started hating on my ass
I can see it in your eyes when you try to lie
Want me to tolerate the fake but I'm just not that guy
That feel when its really real is like the most high
And we all make mistakes
Life still goes by
But Q i was blacked out and all i could see was red
So when i lashed out i wasn't using my head
But lately its been heavy on my mind what i said
I hope you didn't feel hate in those lines that you read
I guess its probably better that i get that out the way
Now its right back to these pussies ain't much left to say
If you really wanna knuck up lets go any day
But the only thug shit you do is in the games you play
And secrets out you can get a pill to make your dick bigger
But can you get a pill to make you think quicker
Or rap better
Or rather act better
I can tell your faking ass ain't even that clever
The rhymes you writing are like poison in the peoples water
So if you were thinking of a sequel diss don't even bother
Its cute you wanna get me off track for a challenge
But i think i proved my point now its back to Balance

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