Ade - Chronicles of Ade [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Ade
Data wydania: 2014-08-19
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Ade

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Tekst piosenki

My name is ADE and I'm back. I'm back, motherfuckers!
I know you heard the word on the street, yeah
I ain't got a buzz for no reason. A lot of chittering and chattering
Keep talking shit. Is he nice? Is he not? You be the judge. mutha fucka
Brace yourself

It's been a long time since you might have seen me or heard of me
Rumours that OG's that murdered me
My whole steez knocking on death's door
Respirators, doctors pressing my chest
Mandela is back from the dead, ade is back to reveal it
Brain is still on those drugs like an egg you cracked in the skillet
Got a segment that hate me maybe, a faction that feel it
I'm a keep rational rationally, I'm back to kill it
Heard the whisperers whisper, heard the snips and the snickers
The vicious chittering chattering from the mischievous bitches
And I'm sick of the bickering and the stupid indifference
This s where my revolution starts and
If the white man is the devil this is Lucifer's kitchen
With a ruthless addiction on the cuckoo that's cooking
Not a ballerina but carry a two-two in UG
I'm a crook with a crooked rhyme pattern
Mind scattering, fuck battling, talking
I'm leaving the nines chattering
My squad is GS click, yes, you may need a rest, yes
They're deceiving in jest, put you in the EMS
This is no backpacking, I'm back cracking
It's that cracker whose rap smack of a certain vernacular
Walking a thin line that flirts with spectacular
Scratch that, I don't even flirt with disaster
I harass her like Kobe, fuck her after
I'm taking the first snicker and having the last laughter
The psychopathic bastard slash past the slash rapper
Slash actor, leave you slashed and hacked up
Blast master, crash classic spazzing with the flow pattern
That you couldn't imagine having
Passing avenues you couldn't travel or fathom
I have em unraveling, dabbling, babbling
Stabbing myself in the abdomen
I'm a ravishing maverick with the clarinet larynx
That's sturdy and worthy of science experiments
Demons and spirits are just out of my heritage
Here I come, cause like my ear is numb every time I hear the drum
I'm a freak of night, scared of the sun
Let me remind you one time exactly where I'm from
This is the revolution of ade bang
Chronicles of ade

These are the chronics
The chronicles X2
The chronicles of ade
These are the chronicles of ade X3

How's it feel to be overlooked, underrated and hated?
Stomach pains in the belly of a city hungry
If one of us made it to prominence is a mentality
Of crabs in the barrel, reality is pretty ugly
Well, let's back up cause my story ain't a fairy tale, it's really real
Ain't had a chance, I ain't have nothin', I could barely feel
All's have was these neighborhoods I know very well
In a fiery will, some pages in my diary, I would spill
Lyrics on my paper, violence around me, it's on me
I blindly feel my books like a zombie
Measurin' these stories with my bare hands
Pictures of this grimy game
I stall it like a pilot in a kamikaze plane
A decade of payin tolls me I'm a grown man
I live my life holdin' death inside my own hands
The kids that I grew up with locked up or inside a box
There ain't no runnin' here, your only choice is fight or box
The music pushed me through the ghosts in the hall
Toasters and the dope sickness, ferociousness and all
The hopelessness of watchin' overdoses and the horror
Suicides and murders, I can't take this shit no more
I had these posters on my wall and this music in my room
It took me out my world, it would shoot me to the moon
Yous' a fire burnin', I'm determined from this higher learnin'
Put me on a different road, engine revving, tires turnin'
Ever since I'm 7 I just know where I got to go
Trapped in this vicious dome, but I'm back, this is home
They said I could've been a star, but I lost my logic
My heart is harder than the bricks in the Boston projects
I can nolonger be a reject
This is a revolution of a kid ADE
Chronices of ade


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