Ade - Even shadows have shadows [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Ade
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Ade

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Tekst piosenki

I stand alone
Burned every bridge over the troubled water
No longer hiding from my personality disorder
A stronger tide is coming, I've been running
Trying to function fine without my mind
Climbing out this fucking corner
I was born a thorn away from the rotten petals
A forgotten rebel craft in the absence of heaven's heavy hands
To develop an evident level of benevolence
So it's probably better I sold my soul to the devil
This is a message to anyone I've met that thinks they know me
Don't pretend to understand none of the issues that I'm holding
I was in a rush to grow up, look Mom no cuts
Just a stomach in disgust, and the fear
That I might go nuts this year
If I don't slow up I'll see you one my way
One day this shit'll kill me but I guess that it's OK
I've lost all faith in a world so full of hate
And I don't fucking love music I just use it to escape
I'm caught between wanting to punch someone in the face
And putting a bullet in my head to leave the human race
Everything takes its toll but there's no tolls I can take
I haven't yet found a good reason to be awake
Introducing the corroded bones I hide behind my smile
I'm angry at the universe for the way she treats me now
And keeps me down, stealing all my energy
I'm feeling like my enemy, concealing my identity
Not dealing with my tendencies
I peel the skin and then I squeeze
The real imprinted Hansen's disease
Not healing in this century, I'm kneeling to the entity
Who built this penitentiary, as filthy as a centipede
And guiltless in a sense cause he was willing to
Just let me bleed, While I wore a game face
In 10 years don't check for me I'll be in the same place
This planet's just an overpopulated mental hospital
Each zombie walk around constitutes another obstacle
So here it is, I'm finally coming out my shell
All 18 years of my life have been in conflict with myself
I'm insecure about every facet of my existence
From my addictions, to the condition I choose to live in
Who you kidding, I suffer from excess anxiety
A product of pollution in African society
Stare into my eyes and see the hell that burns inside my mind
And I no longer have an ego I can hide behind
But I've been fine disregarding my insanity
Every form of art isolates you from humanity
But it's provoked against being force fed
So fuck education for a decade and 3 years
Of headaches from my peers
Cause now I realize I could have learned more on my own
They taught me how to know everything except my soul
Which is everything I need to grow, everything that keeps me whole
Everything that ever meant anything to the ADE
So I leave with golden hope
To rip the leash that holds my focus
But the fact remains the same, I'm still bound by chains
It doesn't matter if your chain is 10 feet or 100 feet
The fact remains the same, you're still bound by chains

Nothing gets you nowhere
But everything gets you somewhere
One pair of shoes is great compared to two feet trying to run bare
Even shadows have shadows X2
(background voice)

Silence, is what we all need for a minute
Dying is what we want to avoid while we're living
Life and trying to make some noise
The screams sort of seem like we're crying
Reaching towards our dreams, I offer an exhausted sigh
And rhyming keeps the posture of my back in fair condition
But why in the world do I do this music when so few people listen?
Climbing a mountain that might eventually crumble
It's a bumpy ride into that light side of life where no one goes
Violence saturates our surroundings, my heart is pounding
I am one of the strong that noticed the sirens sounding
Striving to wake you up, so we can grow to maturity
While we're all buying the governments, we’re paying from social security
Wine and cigarettes promote good life, bad health and tax
I am one of the strong, but also in the same trap
Exercising my brain
Realizing that pain will be arriving
If I dive into the cesspool of my mind
So I'm rewinding the recorded version of my conscience repeatedly
Not easily blinded
Nor do I find it hard to ignore you weakling's weep
I (by) shine with this terrific, twisted piece of metal
Strangely changing climate as they increase the level
I said I wouldn't sign shit, cause I don't want to meet the devil
But I lost my mind, and I'm trying to find it in the dimension of space
Between bass and treble
Shattered is my existence, in so many pieces I can't count
Chatter is the substance that comes from most people's mouth
Matter is what you don't to me, he don't to she, we don't to we
But hopefully we can gather together and figure out what life's about
Patterns, of emotion change shape from different situations
Lanterns, shed light on the dark side of imagination
Scattered, is good and evil, through various people and areas of the ego
But we know we can be peaceful with the right participation
Now batters, stay behind the base and get ready for the pitch
Rappers mold their soul into plastic and get filthy rich
The ladder to paradise is infested with parasites
And if you don't ride in the carriage right, you would swear that life's a bitch
Yeah i said if you dont ride in the carriage right you would swear that life's a bitch

Even shadows have shadows X3

So people say I've changed, and it's harder to relate to me
Good, I never liked you our friendship was make believe
I'm peeling the mask back and revealing the rap that's been
Filling my organs drilling short distorted portions
Of morbid masochistic torture that unfortunately crafted
An interest to orbit my portrait and inflict my image with disorder
The minutes get shorter, walls start to close in
Feels like the brain is hanging on by one clothespin
I've hidden in the darkness for too long
I make it look alright but on the inside its so wrong
I want life to change but I don't know if it can
For a man or machine or whatever the fuck I am
I stand alone
You want to die my life well come and stay in madness's favorite little corner
Cause even Shadows have Shadows
And my secrets are eating me
Eagerly feeding to scream my dreams away
But they keep on defeating me
(Even shadows have shadows)
Welcome to the dusty subconscious of an actor
Who murdered his childhood to stop the audience's laughter
(Even shadows have shadows)
How am I to break free from my fears
When I don't like what I see
And I can't feel what I hear?
(Even shadows have shadows)
So don't judge my book by its cover
Cause my story's just as fucked up as any other!

Even shadows have shadows x3

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