Aidan K - Getcho Money Up [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Aidan K
Data wydania: 2014-05-19
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Cookin' Soul

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Tekst piosenki

(Yo, this cat owes me money? Well he better have it, he's got till... the fuckin 17th. I'mma come for his ass.)

So don't be comin' through my spot unless you coolin' (unless you coolin')
And you can't drop it like it's hot unless you coolin' (unless you coolin')
I spot a fake a mile away, so who you foolin'? (so who you foolin'?)
Won't last a day up on my block unless you coolin' (unless you coolin')
Now getcho money up (now getcho money up)
Said getcho money up, right? (said getcho money up)
And if your cheddar it ain't breaded you ain't doin' enough
So getcho money up, ight?

(That's M.O.E.)

[Verse 1]
Gotcha bitch a hot mess, like I just spilled the queso
Hit me up wanting sex, she just with you for pesos
I'm just hard to resist, guess you destined to stay Ohm
Ain't no use getting pissed facing the wind cause it stay blown
I suggest that you lay low
In your trench cause I'll spray your
Ass with a rap back to last Cinco de Mayo
Bet your casket will stay closed
Yeah, that's what you should pray for
Otherwise your mother like, "Where the fuck did his face go?"
I could fuck your whole life like I got you on pay roll
I could have you hang with guys on the front of a banknote
My soles smellin' like roses, your clothes stank of tomatoes
I might dome you for your hat and swap that for a halo

(So if you got dues... you better pay those... ya heard me?)


[Verse 2]
I got my life on lock and I just threw out the key
You like nylon socks, you been sweatin' defeat
I be like "voila", I solve my problems with ease
All you know's hard knock, your doorbell never ring
I roll dubs in an L
You hold Ls with your thumbs
I sold drugs to a dealer
You couldn't sell Jesus to nuns
And I got reason for believin' there ain't nothin' above
Cause he ain't help me when I need it, so when I need somethin' done
I get after it faster than you lasted to get your nut
Always actively mackin, made a habit of gettin' some
Always lookin' forward, the past ain't in my peripherals
I see myself with my dough up, see, your ass is invisible
My team nationwide, they on my side, indivisible
My guys division one in the streets, we be invincible
I’m your chick’s entree, you gettin' tossed like a dinner roll
You ridin coattails, I’m drizzy givin this lint a roll

(Like bitch, get off me, i'm on national TV... can't be sittin' courtside lookin' broke)


[Verse 3]
I always floss like my dentist told
I'm a god with a sinnin' soul
I been on like a dimmin' bulb
You fell off, your shit gettin' old
I stay grubbin' at the chateau
Stay blunted when my dad home
Bout a dollar, little rascal
You only bank with your mask on
But you ain’t bank with your cash flow
I move weight like a fat ho
You too slow, is you dumb?
Keep on forgettin' to wax off?
Grasshopper, did your papa
Never teach you to tango?
Where your manners at?
Momma never told you be thankful?
Dog I'm doin' you a solid
Take your losses n stay gone
You ain't want to play this game
Cause I be comin' to take yours
You blow checks to hit resin
I pay rent, growing credit
I grow med, but still sellin'
That extra bread is a blessing
I turn bricks into bread
Scalin' that fish like it's leaded
I’m on some covenant shit
I still move keys when I'm deaded
The hood savior to some
And hooligan to some others
Say I ruin community
When I just sold them a dub, damn

(Bitch betta have my money) x4


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