AllDad - Bad [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: AllDad
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: AllDad

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: AllDad]
Hey bitches, I've finally arrived
AllDad reppin' Jers and the 609
My vision blurred, I'm all over the line
Over the limit, lights dimming, slurring all of my lines
What's worse cop lights flashing from behind
Gotta stash a couple bottles but I got no time
And a couple teenyboppers fast asleep in my backseat
And I don't know how they got there if you ask me
I guess I'm just a star
When jailbait break into my car
I might be sober, but I guess they ain't
Figure why leave the party when you could stay
I'm bad, who told you otherwise?
Don't confuse me with other guys
Me and you, we're nothing alike
Tell your girlfriend to run and hide
Be afraid if you got a wife
She'll fall for me and leave your side
She's so horny, I'm in her mind
I'll take my time when I destroy your life
I took her all the way outside
Now when she comes she cries
She begs for me to get her high
Can't help if she is what I like, or what I want or what I need
I'm a bad boy, I take what I see
You can call me greedy, call me a thief
Call me whatever you like, just as long as she's pleased

My name is AllDad, I'm doing my thing
I'll ____ your girlfriend, you cannot stop me [x4]

Me and your girl been talking, she came to my apartment
And we stayed up all night
Showed her my daddy-ramma, that's when she started to stammer
And she started to clim(ax)

You cannot stop me, she's gonna ____ me [x4]

[Verse 2: AllDad]
Have you had AllDad, I'm talking nasty shit
Introduce her ass to my fist and put my face in it
I'm tongue drilling like I'm trying to taste her uterus
The way she's coming is a clue I am not new to this
And you can suck my dick if you a bougi bitch
If you hood or you rich or you hood-richhhh
If you gotta nice ass and you're looking pretty tits
And you know I really like the way you move your hips
As long as she's a looker likes to play with dick
Pass that pussy over to me and I'll take a hit
I hit her, I quit her, AllDad all day
I beat the pussy so bad she called the ASPCA
I'm an animal and I'm fiending for you
Can't hardly stand it to stand next to you
Understand I'm a man and I want what I want
Yes bitch I want to bone but no I'm not a dog
You don't need to meet my parents just meet my needs
On the floor, on all fours, or on your knees
I don't mean to be mean but I say what I mean
And if you think I'm too dirty you can lick me clean
If you think my mouth is dirty, you should read my mind
I'm shameless, perverted and fucking all the time
And when I'm not, I'm thinking it, in love with licking clit
Tonguing cunt, stick it in her butt, I don't give a shit
Get at me if you're feeling this, she's choking and gagging
I like to make her taste it after and all that nasty shit
Go ahead fuck my friends get gross with it
While I'm crossing fantasies off of my grocery list
Cause I'm golfing on these women, take out the wood and hit it
Talking Woodman audition, she won't admit it, but she did it
She says I make her come so easy
And no one she's fucked has been so freaky
She loves I know what I want and I take it
And this is the first time she don't need to fake it
Fuck these other rappers my tongue outlasts them
And that's how I'm bringing her to orgasm

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