Alumni Music - Hometown Glory [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Alumni Music
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Glen Chaos

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Tekst piosenki

[VERSE 1 – Scumlord]
Set fire to the ink on page
Yell scum when the lord’s on stage
Back up when we start to rage
Cause this shit blasts off, now you know my name
Started from nothing, still nobody
Still just a homeboy, still just a lackey
I don’t act like you hate me, I see the look in your eyes
Used to be lame, used to be lonely
I used to be, it doesn’t matter
RIP to the old me
New places where I found myself
New homes when I found my wealth
New fame, now they start to yell
New girls, now it’s gone to hell, ah
New shit puts yours to rest, sleep on this
Lullaby to success
No chains, no bracelets
I don’t need to rap about fake shit to be the best, buddy, face it, uh

[VERSE 2 – Jacob Smith]
304, I was born to strive
Stay down but she wanna ride
Got the game on lock like my first name Fry
Oh look now it’s that guy
Minesweep how I blow up doing
Everything I want from movies to music
Everything I learned I learned how to do it
By myself, ain’t a whole lot to it
Couldn’t really afford a lot, kept lookin to the future
Now when girls around I’m just like my computer
Everything I do I do so much newer
Workin on songs, got class, might Bueller
Hol’ up, ain’t no goin back
Ever since I rapped, got the whole town jazzed
Applause after tracks, make jokes and they laugh
Everything I do, they wanna do that

[VERSE 3 – E.V.]
My hometown never loved me
They were always so above me
No one ever cares about a boy that comes from that dub v
They were sleepin on the boy
Nap time is over
You can send your girl over like we’re playin red rover
But I don’t play no games
Leave your shit for the playground
Put my headphones in, can’t hear what you say now
The way I be flowin, I go and let you know
That I make your girl say wow
And I be rhymin, designin these lyrics to knock you out
So go on and stay down
This beat’s got a kick to it, the rap is so zesty
Who would’ve thought such spice would come from the West V?
I stay on my level, I’ll never be on the shit Kanye West be
But one day I’ll stay in a place where I can have one hundred guests sleep
So high school – makin out at a fuckin party
I stay so mystery just like my last name was Hardy
And I hardly ever cared, actin so indifferent
All my girls was fine just like the wine I be sippin
Naked girls on my water bed just like we skinny dippin
But all these girls seemed to notice our relationship was slippin?

[VERSE 4 – Josh McDowney]
I got pistols, AK’s
Machetes, pumps, and grenades
I’m in the cut like switch blade
I got the green like the glade
I’m stackin paper like Staples
Niggas are watchin like cable
I’m baggin work on the table
Bitches are strippin the label
While we be countin the checks
Trap houses look like the Rec
I’m stackin money then flex
I call a bitch up just for sex
I grab the keys to the whip
Start the bitch up just to dip
I gotta grip on my hip
And niggas want me to trip
But I ain’t slippin

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