Analog Brothers - Analog Annihilator Vs. Silver Surfer [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Analog Brothers
Gatunek: Pop

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Tekst piosenki

[instrumental and Spanish speaking for 19 seconds]

[Keith Korg]
Astro Jetman, flight attendant, American Airlines
DC-10 with engine built to my back again
Fly over 101 freeway, run like Flash on speedways
Human-made man machine move like Jim Kelly with Afrosheen
Green Bay ninja green with technical electric feedback
Twist your kneecaps back
Automated robot flex skills like an Autobot
Transform, get warm, get strong, turn long
Activate break shake material
Bang on doors like Enoch, crush kill destroy a block
Dr. Smith, Will Robinson, head-bobbinson, attack the opposite
Alternate, demonstrate, throw {?} at tanks, swing like the Yanks
Metaphorical historical Telex raiser
Wearin a glow in the dark blazer
Megaphotek, at coat check

Survival of the business, ese puedo
Don't understand this world, todo mundo se {?} por esto
Mi mido, blow diablos that echo
Ready to claim, under disguise, no se {?}
No shame, no consequences or {?}
To leave us underground, we're not inhuman {?}
Que es esto, no me importa no more, no tengo llego
So en {?} para yo, listo por en muerto
I live again, {?} nuevo
Lejo's the key, surrounded by {?} buenos
Espe sueno my dream, true desperado
Analog hermano, un punto {?} ano

[Ice Oscillator]
Do not attempt to switch the frequencies, creep with these
Analog assassins, blastin and laughin at ya
Catch you with the one-two, the cruelest dude less who dis Ice-al-Oscillator
Master weaponest, deadliest, linguist
Got you locked in, your car blocked in, now you sit scared as shit
As I, jump in the next level
Warp double-oh-6 slash crucifix inverted, you heard it
Ten thousand MC's murdered, not enough, all my films are snuff
Sound scans directly connected to our database
Interlates with microwave deep tissue scans, oscillation
Inconsiderate, no love for the illiterate, non analog bullshit
Delete, edit, disc discs heads crash, dragged to trash

[Silver Synth]
Enemies on my coffin list, off to holocause with this
Molotov and blow the surface off the microchips, blastoff
Unlimited tech the masterpiece, the prophecy, disaster brings
Math to this, path of aftershock and calculus
Imagine the 7th magic powerless, could time ever be hourless?
Sil Synth the synthesizer arrive and crack flicks
Smack with backhand 'til backlash taps your ears backward
Attack with, chilling artillery, frozen hollow tips
You're killin me, willingly executing thrillingly
It be total majestic techniques electronic dyslexic
The sonic boom various slash slang Tomb Raiding, escaping
Poeticism to rhythm like strange algorithm

Rumble in the Bronx, move Starks on distortion levels
Dirt devils, enter the pressure cooker
Heat seekin Lex Luger, move analog
Shut down all contacts in competition annihilation, next stage elimination
Crews we spacemen, face men, spare no men
Back again, four or five times, 2005 Voltron hexagon
Try your digital lexicon, we low on the meter
Explode all speakers and soundmen, expert travellers drown men
Altered states and earthquakes
Global battleaxes, your brain collapses
Anatomically mega, Sega sound systems
Mentally bomb systems, kamikaze space missions

[speaking Spanish before the beat rides out to fade]

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