Android Nugam - I Don't Like(Remix) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Android Nugam
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Android Nugam]

I don't like all these funny colour wearin' dudes
We wearin' red in this bitch, it's the only colour we wearin' fool
Come against us on Weaver now where is you?
Buried Tigers on Jubilee. Honey's at our foot stool!!
These niggas think that they can take us
We disrespect your school and then leave, you can't rake us
Flow sicker than electronless HIV, you can't negate us
Dragons. Knights. S.A.I.N.T.S Saints. Us!!


These John's boys, they just dudes I don't like
These P.E boys, they just dudes I don't like
These House boys, they just dudes I don't like
And those Falcon dudes too, they dudes I don't like

[Verse 2]

Swagg on 117
I'm feeling jubilation winning games on Jubillee
Cause when we win on Honey, its a sweet victory
Mythical dragon but St. George is still legendary
Android said would you pleas unleash the beats
Cause the blazer red, hat red. that's swagg with a double G
I stop niggas in their tracks so you can't start with me
Nugam may be full of shit but that shit's awfully hot
Not into drugs but its straight from the pot. Chefs
Johns' shit wounded but it still ain't not sick
Last level of the rap game flow- boss spits!
Cause Nugam headed straight to the top like rockets
And I stay fly like objects, foreign
Mind what I say cause, my mind, I done lost it
Eerily prophetic- oneday I'll be gettin' profits
New kid in the game, ain't no one gonna adopt it
Im rappin my heart out- Nugam flat lining
I'd have said freestyling but I really don't like it
The violence of my rhymin', I ain't rappin', im inciting'
Inciting in my mind cause evrybody in awed silence
Like DAMN!
Man I'm 'bouta go back on it, what I'm doin' to this beat is so damn nuerotic
Plague the beat with my presence- android damn Pubonic
Mental straight jacket on this beat, they 'bouta let me loose on it
Cause I gotta turn my swag on so I put on the Red Blazer
Saints boys in charge of evrything 'round here- Red Ranger
Got them Goats fleein' when we land cause they sense danger
Now we flyer than the Man in the Moon- Mr.Rager
We takin' out the Game. Hey dawg, where is the next boss?
White flag. No peace. That's why theres a Red Cross
You run around like headless chickens but y'all just dead cocks
Assassinate the Tigers, Goats and Kings. Flows on red dots!!


[Verse 3]

Man I'm back on the track like a vertibrate
Special Kei told me chill on the beat but these blows still hurtin' it
These punchlines, oh my, the blows still hurtin it
Man, damn, what I'm doin' to this beat's impertinant
Android's ostentatious. Big words you ain't heard'a yet
I'm a saints boy, gwapp is my appertinance
That caustic drogn flow like my tongues in a furnace, bitch
I heard your tracks but my bette noire's that your punchlines ain't workin yet
Hot as all hell and fly as all turbulance
$2000 says im gettin more cheese than Urkel is
Convocate around the money, that's that Power Circlin'
Dragon wings on a nigga, flyin' 'round the world and shit
I knock 'em out like a monotone Homily
Get in my way, you dead. I swear, ther ain't no stoppin' me
Lyrically gifted while I'm rappin'. But ain't nobody boxin' me
Punchlines paste you to the ground so my competition copy me
Cause I'm the best when I'm spitting. Obviously
And I'm gettin' high like the seeds of a poppy tree
But you can't burn and smoke me up cause ain't no one as hot as me
Android nugam- 18 year old child prodigy of RAP!
Lyrical warfare on this track
Army of Forbbidden Colours. Im 'bouta launch a full attack!


[Verse 4]

We are not one and the same. nigga I rep fuckin' Saints
Fuck is you sayin', hatin' on the Greats?
Damn, these niggas should know that im red when I blaze
High. dragons is fly
Jump off the Castle and fall to the sky. Line
Rides. Tints. Daijes. Thrive
Saints nigga thats AYYYYYYYYT
Convoy with ma niggas in the green March
Fill up the whole parking lot wherever we park
And I'm goin' harder than dragon hide
Since we the best we got bragging rights
Spittin' dragon fire thats dragon lights!!

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