Apache - Woodchuck [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Apache
Album: Apache Ain't Shit
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Apache

Tekst piosenki

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck
If a woodchuck could chuck wood? (I don't know!)

[Verse One]
The question is how much wood could I chuck
What you really wanna know is how much do I fuck
Yo, cause when it comes to skins I know how to work this
I get more by accident than niggas get on purpose
So any honey that thinks she can stick with
I got a lot to share so prepare to get dicked with
Spread 'em (here they go) got 'em
The mission is to pound the pussy until I hit rock bottom
I'm like a hawk that's out {?} to stalk
I fuck you so hard, I leave your pussy with stretch marks
See they call me Mr. Woodchuck
I got a certified {?} that says I give a good fuck

[Verse Two]
I hunt cunt like a Bounty I'm the quicker picker upper
Don't want the itty bitty titty committee I want a D-cupper
I can talk softly but I carry a big dick
Knockin pussies off, so you better dig quick
The master long laster, be doin it nastily
In this wacky fuckin mix, you can call me Dick Dastardly
Hard act to follow when I hit the funky hollow
Yes I cum for you to swallow get more HOOOO than the Apollo
Take my dick and I'm far shovin it, taxin like the government
Givin some bitches stitches, but mostly just be lovin it
Got some rope, and a smoke, and your ass is on target
No wholesale or retail got that pussy on the black market


[Verse Three: Double J]
Yo, far as pussy nigga please, I bend more knees
I squeeze a skeeze and do away with the dick tease
You can't fuck you little sucker, no dick control
All dick and no balls ass motherfucker
Chuck wood damn good, who's done
I got ten dick fingers for all my bitches to choose one
Talkin 'bout you woodchuckin and can't spell it
I just got out some ass, here's my dick, come smell it
Bitches love it when I shove it so shut the heck up
I fuck so good, they come back for a weekly checkup
It gets better and better as they get wetter and wetter
Double J in this game, I'm a double-header

[Verse Four: Apache]
How much wood could a woodchuck, I fuck 'til the pussy's done
Come, life's a bitch then you fuck one
I stay horny, try to hide I'll find ya
Born to fuck, I see more pussy than a pantyliner
I bust nuff nuts, they claim you cum too quick
I'm too thick and you're quick to lie on your dick
I'm addicted a fiend call me punani don
Your mack lax, I get more pussy than a tampon
I get hot, hit the spot, watch her temperature boil
I'm a wild child, I fuck like I'm drillin for oil
I hit bottom I got 'em, fuck the pros and cons
When I die I want my dick bronzed


[Verse Five: Vinnie]
When I sex ya I'm Hugh Hefner, play ya like Fonzarelli
Lookin gooder this summer cause my dick won't fail me
Fuckin up the world I make you scream wolf calls
Pushin livers in your throat cause my dick's that tall
I wanna ho that can go cause I throw well
So I can take her to the Vin Helmsley hotel
You better hope the rubber holds, one baby bullshit
I'm makin triplets, pushin for four to make a quartet
How long? Real long, my name ain't stubby
I fuck 'em all short tall small thin thick or chubby
So come and chuck me I'm good to the last stroke
And watch that pussy go home in a sling

[Verse Six: Treach]
Here comes the longer stronger don for you limp dick shitsacks
Cause I'm the motherfucker that wear golden jim hats
Quicker career fucker upperer
With the stiff stuff that I'm cuttin up, for long to go up in her
Everytime I knocked it tip blown
You think I needed a bigger shoe the way they call me foot long
I hit a hoochie with the whole weight, the whole plate
Cause when I break ya, make I wake the whole state
Stretchin them guts from the backside
All I say is timber them dem spread that ass wide
My dick get the Grammy, word to Sammy
I fuck you from here to Mi-ami-ami


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