Apathy & Celph Titled - Nut Reception [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Apathy & Celph Titled
Album: No Place Like Chrome
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Celph Titled

Tekst piosenki

[Intro: J-Zone & (Celph Titled)]
You can lick my baaaaaals. Ha ha. (Bitch.)
Ayo Celph? (What up?)
These motherfuckers is out here playin' hide and go seek again
(Not that shit again.)
So I had to tell the bitch, "Hey baby
I got a Jessica Alba photo album, my right hand, and 1000 watt microwave
(Oh shit)
What the fuck I need you for?"

[Verse One: Celph Titled]
There ain't a thing that you can do to stop us from gettin' paper
We robbin' hip hop and comin' back for more later
Hog haters need to stop actin' pompous
Cause I'm the type to knock a conscious rapper unconscious
The most beautifullest thing in this world
Is a bitch with black eyes and a new saloon curl
Talk shit, I'll break your jaw instantly
And flip you the bird to add insult to injury
MC's front like labels be after them
I don't brush my teeth, my plaque's already platinum
I never liked skinny hoes put some meat on your bones
And for those that don't know I'd even fuck Queen Latifah
Stick my dick between her
Jiggle them jelly rolls and leave a cum puddle in her belly hole
I don't discriminate ma
Age ain't nothin' but a number, bitch let me take off that trainin' bra

[Hook: J-Zone & Celph Titled]
JZ: Yo, what you want from us?
CT: We ain't got nothin' for you
JZ: The game is sold not told
CT: So what you wanna do?
JZ: Platinum hits
CT: On some real pimp shit
Both: J-Zone & Celph Titled give a fuck about a bitch

"Y'all lick the nuts, bite the nuts, lick the nuts
Smear the nuts, feel my nuts, grab my nuts" [x2]

[Verse Two: J-Zone]
Hey, you, get off my dick
You don't know me but I must know your bitch
People call my J-Zone, some call me Back Slap
Bitch show loyalty like you work for ASCAP
Cussin' all loud, drinkin' sex on the beach
Arrest your Development and slur my Speech
Now these punks wanna preach
Bitch, what is this?
Pass my Bacardi and mind yo business
Play hard to get, wanna flirt off me?
I ain't workin' for no ass, I'll jerk off for free
Motherfuckers call me ignorant
When I moved to Bel Air
Keep a Cadillac and still collect welfare
Marry you bitch?
A rock you ain't gettin'
You get a bullet of a nut, now that's a shotgun weddin'
Wanna fuck cause I make music? Pssst
Nice to know ya
I faked an orgasm, not I'm a cum-poser
Treat you to dinner?
Slut you hun-gry?
Hope you got a metro card, we goin' to Subway
Eatin' sea food till my arteries close
But you keep goin' to the bar with these hoes
I need a girl with no teeth and a wooden leg
Because she's happy just to have me and she's good in bed
And yeah
I drop records but for dick they fiend
Cause I rock 12 inches, nahmean?

[Hook: J-Zone & Celph Titled]

[Verse Three: Celph Titled]
If you a female listen closely
If you a pimp you should take note
We some real hogs that smack hoes
After I'm done with them I leave the pussy loose
Cause my dick is so big you can suck it from the roof
Ignorant and handsome
Bitches say I'm dumb hot
Listen to my live album and hear gun shots
Chicken heads thinkin' that they're models and shit
But I'll be pissin' on 'em leavin' 'em with Sparklin' tits
Oh that was your girl?
With all them feisty hormones?
I wish I taped it, you should have heard how that whore moaned
Shippin' CDs by Celph Titled and J-Zone
We're goin' gold on the North Pole region alone
Come holla if you got chips to throw at us
I'm talkin' real money, no bitches and no rappers
Fuck with me and get your credibility trashed
Make you go from hardcore to emo rap

[Hook: J-Zone & Celph Titled]

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