Apathy & Celph Titled - Drink Specials [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Apathy & Celph Titled
Album: No Place Like Chrome
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: TzariZM

Tekst piosenki


Intro [Tash]
What's up y'all? This is Catastrophe aka Flashy Tashy from Tha Alkaholiks
35 shots of Hennessy straight

"Drink a toast once again"
Shit. Let me see the drink special
"You got to drink"
Let me look here
"Drink. Drink."

[Verse One] [Rugged]
I was born to drink
Just like you was born to give me the bottle you drinkin' from
Nigga quit hoggin' the Rican Rum (Give me that)
Bacardi cause we in the party and clumsy
Knockin' over beers, hit the floor
Liquor spill cause I'm a liquor whore
Lookin' for a pimp, call the liquor store
When you give it to me head, give it to me raw
Everybody gettin' tipsy
Well, fuck it I'm tipso
Really become the Hulk when I'm downin' Henny & Hypno
In a cipher with a sick flow
Scopin' the target to show how ill the czar get
Instead hurl and vomit
90%, prove it
The 90% I'm consumin'
Before and after any fuckin' thing I'm doin'
So wasted get D.U.I.s without a vehicle
Stumblin' on my feet
Bums on the street
I just might pee on dudes
Makin' my mark in Orlando
With enough in my bladder to piss longer than ten Cocker Spaniels
Bout sex on the beach
Oh shit, Jack Daniels and he's singin' the speech

"You got to drink"

[Phil Da Agony Speaking]
Yeah. Hey Czar grab me up that Hennessy Perozzi. C'mon

[Verse Two] [Phil Da Agony]
Alcoholic winos
Blushin' off the repercussions
Black Russian, toilet bowl flushin', nobody touchin'
X.O., Hennessy enough, that's why we bought the stuff
Y'all niggas drink the shit up, it cost 200 bucks
No joke, aged oak
Barrels of the smoke
Cut throat, throw you over boats see if you float
Root beer floats with 1-5-1 shootin' range
Bustin' off guns with alcohol in our sy-stem
We gradually uplift 'em with hits
Phil Da Agony, blunts get lit
In our predicament
You wonder where the liquor went
Straight down your throat to the stomach
Bustin' up your blood vessels, cloggin' up your arteries
Makin' it harder for you to breath
Don't sweat it
Keep pumpin' unleaded
Phil Da Agony, I get cheese, that's cheddar
Tax deductible
Rap niggas livin' like the Huxtables
Lap of luxury
Blunts roll
Crack a fifth of somethin'

"You got to drink"

[Verse Three] [Tzaizm]
It's it's it's..
90 proof in the booth
Got me mumblin' off the pages
Probably that same shit got me stumblin' off the stage
I ain't got to be in no party
I be drinkin' by myself
Straight shots of Bacardi got me singin' to myself
Like, "I'm lonely. And I'm so lonely."
Sippin' on the finest till I ain't gonna get up
My girl like, "Stop drinkin'", but I ain't no quitter
Shots of that green rum
Got me runnin' through red lights and stoppin' at green ones
Yes yes, I'm parkin' on your porch and I'm barging in your doors
And I'm drinkin' up your shit till I'm barfin' on your walls
Usually end up twisted and I'm arguin' with dogs
And I'd like to make a toast to those that like to overdose
"Sorry mista offisa but I ain't walkin' straight lines
Till you hand me my grape wine"
"This is like your eighth time!"
We've been ampin' always up in here
Bitches came and went but Brandy's always been here
Promotin' underage drinkin'
Fuck what you think of that
Good job on the track dunn
The subject, I'mma drink to that

Let's show them how we drink in Florida

[Verse Four] [Celph Titled]
Pass me that grocery store yak nigga, fuck the Courvoisier
Bitches want white wine, I'm skeetin' in they Chardonnay
We brown bagging 40's, across town having orgies
On the roof of Motel 6 with news crews recording me
Celph Titled get grisly, nobody can hang with me
Cause I can't tell the difference between water and whiskey
Got love for Snoop, but I don't mix Gin with Juice
It's kinda like a stage show cause all you getting is boo(ze)'s
Go to AA meetings, with trey eight heaters
And dead off Detox speech like Dr. Dre's next album release
Official drunk pirate gats guerrilla member
Penetrate you ho's, now you got a lil' Captain in ya
I'mma stay drinkin' till I need a new liver
Colt 45 in my hand but I ain't holding my liquor
Off to the pub with a bunch of broads inside of my car
But only bitches who like bitches
I'm buying out the bar
Get it?
If not, here, take a shot of tequila
My Glock's cock
Keep my Glock next to my cock to conceal it
Pull either one out, don't care if it's appropriate or not
You'll get shook after I'm rockin' out with bottles of aftershock

"Drink a toast once again"

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