A-Rich - Reincarnated [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: A-Rich
Album: Reincarnated
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: ThaVenom, TaserProductions

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Tekst piosenki

(Verse 1)
Up these long nights
Just me and this mic
That’s me and my life
Trying to earn my stripes
Trying to earn the right
To stand here and fight
I don’t do this for the money
Man I do this for respect
And it’s time to collect
I be climbing out the sewer
This game is a bitch
But I’m still married to her
They said I was a screw up
So I drank until I threw up
The end of that chapter
Beginning of another
I gotta do something
I never did nothing
17 years
What do I got to show for it
I can’t just go and forfeit
This is all I got
This is my one shot
No way I can stop
Was on my writers block
Its pain but I fought
Everything I was taught
Developed and grown
Becoming more known
You can say I’m homegrown
You can write it in stone
Doing me on every track
You gon have to spin it back
To comprehend all this rap
But some of you will get it
Others will get it
All misunderstood
You can take me away
From this neighborhood
But you can’t take it from me
It’s become a part of me
Riding through these streets
A pen and a sheet
Is all I’ll ever need
I’m finally free
So just let me do me
This is my new beginning
So let me begin it

Yeah I’m reincarnated
I’ve been separated
Running with the family
But I’m not related
Still the name I created
But I’m reincarnated
Starts right here
This is history in making

(Verse 2)
This is do or die
What I gotta do to fly
Push it to the end
And then push it another mile
Simply take my time
Whenever that we ride
From now on things are different
I’m a changed person
That much is for certain
Changed the focus of what I do
No longer doing this to prove
A thing to any of you
Now I’m really trying
To produce nothing less
Than the very best
Striving for excellence
I’m a riot in the game
And the second I accomplish it
Ima try it again
Just to hit the moon
You gotta aim for the stars
So when I step into the room
Ima push it so hard
And when my legs will drop
Even then I never will stop
Ima push another child
Out this bitch called hip hop
Make it to the tip top
Now I’m pleased to present
You with the main event
This is my new beginning
Now let me begin it


(Verse 3)
Up these long nights
Just me and this mic
Everything I sacrificed
It’s just a part of the life
Reborn in the booth
Got me feeling bullet proof
Blow a hole through the roof
And then they pop a tooth
Opening up doors
Victory at wars
And while it’s a game
No one here is playing
So I have no fear
With the past years
It’s become very clear
That I will always be here


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