A-Rich - Let My Soul Bleed [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: A-Rich
Album: Let My Soul Bleed - Single
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: RiverW

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Tekst piosenki

Uh, Yeah
Been a minute since I've been out here but um
Just got a couple of things that's going on in my life so
Let the beat roll out with this one
What up world, I see you

(Verse 1)
Everything has changed
I’m on top of my game
And you can’t do the same
I’ll extinguish your flame
Ima keep on running
Till the day that I’m famous
Ima keep on punching
Till the day that they blame us
For what’s happened to y’all
And Ima rep Montreal
Till the day that I lay
Under my stone grave
Rock it my own way
Start war while I ball
Ima spit it so raw
And Ima drop it so hard
Got these scars up on my arm
And with that fall I could have been gone
So what is it that I be on
Poor it up and slow it down
Hope you don’t drown
Cause the water’s deep now
So vibe with the sound
Spin it back around
Till it comes full circle
Live like I’m immortal
But no more purple
So c’mon ride with me
If you really feeling me
Hands up, roof off
I was once lost
I am the underdog

They said I wouldn’t be here
But I don’t care what y’all think
And another year
I’m just doing my thing
Ima do this till I die
So just let me do me
Ima let the beat cry
And let my soul bleed

This is a hard way to go
Believe me I know
So if you’re on the same road
We’ll walk it together
For worst or for better
We’re coming for whoever
Wanna make this last forever
So I studied the greats
Looking up to them as saints
Work the field of legends
Cemetery of veterans
I’m cutting the grass
And raking in the green
Foot on the gas
I’m racing through the scene
While I’m fighting with these things
Ima die as a king
And know I still stay clean
While they saying that I’m dirty
But yo just don’t worry
Got these growing mad rumors
Like one of them fat tumors
Working outside of the box
My style’s so unorthodox
Preaching nonfiction
Look these cowards in the eye
Walk up in hell’s kitchen
Eat a slice of the devils pie
I will go where no one has
Never let fear hold me back
I have proved that fact
Through more than just rap


I’m past the point of no return
You live and you learn
So I’ll know for next time
But you only live once
So this is my only grind
This is my time to shine
Now we’re pushing through the blind
Suiting up and flying
I’m about to take off
Like the winds blowing
But we just keep on floating
Picking you off at random
With every single rhyme
My mouth’s a loose cannon
Here, swallow my lines
And how does it taste
You’re twisting your face
You don’t like what I say
Let’s cut to the chase
You can’t take reality
That’s why you ignorantly
All come to me
With your negativity
But I don’t let it into me
Put my soul in every speech
And I practice what I preach
We’re all here for a reason
Follow what you believe in
And if you only
Remember one thing from me
Remember these words
One day Ima change the world

I will change it
Believe that
I don't wanna be good
I don't wanna be great
I wanna be the best and one day I will
And Ima bring all of y'all with me


That was for anybody who ever a dream
And did what they love and got their grind on
Even while people was telling them not to and going against them
But they did what they had to do to get where they wanted to be
That was for you

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