A.Villa - Gunnin' for the Throne [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: A.Villa
Album: Carry On Tradition
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Elzhi]
Dealing with the pressure, I wish it was lesser
I'm just speaking from my mind don't mean to depress ya
But that'll make you want to grab the gat from off your dresser
I know I got a gift I just need me an investor
With hopes to get my back up off the ropes like a wrestler
Might have been on the scene with the dean and the professor
Only if getting green by any means was the lecture
I know mad kids that went to school learned something extra
Came home, can't find a job broke back up on Dexter
I'm sick of swallowing my pride cause I don't like the texture
Niggas pushing whips that look twenty times fresher
Cause life'll give you lessons, you think it wouldn't test ya
That's proof of words I've thought of moving birds like Sylvestor
The putty cat I could be that cause I can't live the rest of
My life around Testa, homeless god blessed her
Hoodrat Brenda, dope fiend Tessa and yo

[Verse 2: Naledge]
Brain power, meteor shower out the nest
Lead power Eddie Bauer and Gucci sweats
Don't sweat the technique, success the best seat
Ride your bitches all summer long like a jet ski
Hand it back to you I pop it off like a Pepsi
Demanding that a two dollar blocks off the jet free
Status I'm official like the synonym for revery
IV league need more than scantrons to test me
Fair Eastside, lean on me I'm Joe Clark
[?] go Joe Cool walks in with no shoes
Fucking bitches on tour, we call that Road Rules
Like fresh buddy Chucky I bust the dope moves
In the real world, naw nigga no MTV
Dope MP3, don't envy me
[?] at the squad nigga I'm MVP
More flavor, less filling, MGD

[Vic Spencer]
Midwest shit, memories of Capone
You ain't never coming home gunning for the throne
Came from struggle and made it on our own
Look we all shining now, gunning for the throne

Takeover, the breaks over

[Verse 3: Freddie Gibbs]
Criteria straight from the crack stove
Inhaling dope as I let the vogues on the Lex roll
Most of this shit man I had to be out my mind to do it
A lot of drive-by nights laced with embalming fluid
Cheifed out as I choke on this water I swear I oughta
Get my shit tight just can't live right
Sometimes I feel like why bother, fridge dripping
Resumed to be consumed in superstition
Busting this chopper loosely got me losing my religion
Walk through the valley of the shadow of thugs
Niggas be facing me in basements in gun battles for drugs
I seen it all with my two eyes and now I'm all out of love
All out of favors, kitchen tables and razors ain't all that made it
Student of the streets, niggas'll pay for this education
Mask on my skull, hand on my weapon, class is in session
Gangsta Gibbs

[Verse 5: Mikkey Halsted]
The whole game is so brainless
Everybody looking for licks like cunnilingus
Porsches, Benzes, Rangers
Over ends, best friends turn strangers
We all said that the money would never change us
But who said the growth'll be painless
A dirty game they expect us to be stainless
And laugh when we throw it all away like Uranus
I'm still hotter than hibachi
Way before Twitter niggas follow me and mock me
So go on and throw your feet up on the ottoman and watch me
Cause there ain't a thing that you could do to stop me
I promise my mommy I'd be the man
To get her out of that concrete jungle to see the sand
My girl said you need to grow up you ain't Peter Pan
Sorry she ain't have enough vision to see the plan
Now she alone while I'm gunning for the throne
Now she alone while I'm gunning for the throne

Takeover, the break's over

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