A.Villa - Live From the Villa [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: A.Villa
Album: Carry On Tradition
Data wydania: 2014-10-22
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

Live and direct

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
Black Beamer, death valley
Stay in Queens smoke the best Cali
Colosseum block veggie patty
Cop a nigga dirt mix it with the diamond haze
Back to basic I'm retracing all minor days
Len tagine, organs with the couscous
Making sure these mouths happy
Serve her an amuse-bouche
And I'm getting in the tushy
Cushy mink lay over the Lord shoulders
Feet are sharp up to the toe
Cheese platters, baskets full of bread
Lay your casket bastard from the flashing of the lead
Playing ass with bitches, smash 'em in the bathroom
Bend 'em over like a [?]
Ginger ale, a beverage and a pack of joints
Fuckin' pussy you deserve to win the actor's choice
Can't control your bladder and you keep the mattress moist
And this motherfucker got a faggot's voice man
Yeah, Bam Bam

[Verse 2: Roc Marciano]
White as hell, ride a Clivesdale, put knives to quail
White is on the scale, dice fell
9-11 like Steinfeld
Reclining in a wine cell
It's told like a old wive's tale
Trade the story
In leather when the weather got stormy
And pushed the 740, journey
Weed purple James Worthy, burn currency and scurry
300 dollar skullies, bunnies sniffing twenty, sippin' bubbly
Range Rover Discovery, my bitches build country
Ass is like a donkey
I calmly tap the dime like Fonzie
Fly sweater, Bill Cosby, thighs are wobbly
Chronic diamonds in her IV
You simple simon at rhymin', my shit is tai chi
Die G, supply the fire weed dispensary
My pitch is to get rich upon entry
This can't be, life is real pinch me
No man can go against me
I squeeze the M-16, intensely

[Verse 3: Willie The Kid]
Michael Myers with the mask off
Blood on my ascot
Scott free, I got away, mascot
Rappers animated, sippin' scotch in the Caymens
Where the cadence
Look what I became, the pain made this
Since a human senseless
Defend or defenselessness
Assault niggas, 12 shells live round in the chamber
Black baby Jesus in the manger
My niggas mangy, must fuck we thrive off of anger
Strangle niggas in front of everybody, kamikaze
Keep cuts on my wrists, diamonds suicidal
Suicide doors freak whores never bridal
I like my women librarian, veterinarians
Strict Prespetarian, all white Benz, call it Aryan
Blake Carrington, my Dynasty, count carats which
Placed like the turf when the earth quaking
Tectonics symbotic topics
Singing like the Delfonics
Hydroponic, tipsy in Tokipse
Scheme like a gypsy
Risky like bathtub whisky
Whisk away hoes
You can miss me with that fuck shit
Fuck boy, fuck that it's Willie man

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