Beat: SunnyD253 - Control (Remix) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Beat: SunnyD253
Data wydania: 2013-11-17
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Sunny]

I make it easy real easy like parties with thots
Aiming with my team you know i had a shot
Girl I'm not player so please get off my jock
And Life is filled with ups and downs like you paid for stocks
We be doing it last but she's finishin' first
Now i got a garden cause i started from the dirt
Lone sharks on lone sharks thank god i never surf
I spit it and embarrass em I'm out this bitch like birth
Getting it by any measure like a fucking ruler
Going to the top because the skies are always bluer
My minds in the gutter and my lyrics in the sewer
That means I'm shit yeah i'll school ya like tutor
I'm buzzin' like some bees so sorry baby I'm busy
But the second that i make it you are coming with me
Spit it filthy for the dirty money hundreds and the fiftys
Killing every motherfucker in the room I'm guilty
Uh yeah 25 to life flow
25 to 50 bars that's how my night goes
Never looking down even when I'm on the tight rope
Fucking with the wrong girl now you got the right ho
Like mickey's mouses best friend you a goofy
And my boys bout that action like their life's a movie
Aye Marcus why these rappers no good to me?
Why the fake ones act all hood to me?
People think its sweet till you get a couple cavities
Bitch I'm so fly that i broke the laws of gravity
Do it for my fans while you do it for a salary
Yes I'm an artist and my soundcloud is my gallery
Easy come easy go you learn that the hard way
Going nuts on this song get the fucking parfait
Chillin with some angels shout out to my man charlay
Now my futures shinin cause i got through all those dark days
Who flexed? Who's next? Like we in class i'll put you the test
I'm shooting for the stars i don't need a fucking vest
I'm going pretty far i ain't never gonna rest (nope)
No stress so blessed
You don't get the message like i didn't send the text
Simple minded rappers while my brain is so complex
We ain't on the same level but you say you the best (nah)
I make lines i don't do lines
The name is Sunny my crew shines
I kill beats i abuse rhymes
Im higher than the roofline
Cause I'm aiming for top
Like a headshot
Then you drop
Never lookin back like I'm running from the cops
I'm feeling pretty ill think i need to see a doc
I was little played with blocks now I'm the hottest on the block
And i got these people shocked
Cause i go in i don't knock
Get up do something in your life for once
Get this paper but don't struggle for the ones
Its easy peasy lemon squeezy
Girl believe me they can't read me
I need you and need me you will see me on the tv

[Verse 2: Marcus Nogood]

They think I'm playin games huh?
Hmm cuz kid was in my name huh?
Yup But now some things have changed up
Now these muthafuckas are too afraid to even bring my name up
Yup And I'm just havin fun with it
But I still drop a bang like I'm playin with a gun n shit

I'm back in this bitch to let them all kno who's the man around
Niggas claim they makin' moves but all I see is stand arounds
Sunny told me to bring em that heat
I burn em to third degree
This is a murder scene call the Emergency
Uh, stay in yo lane there ain't no swerving me or merging me
I hear alota rappers but none of y'all sound as worst as me
Mista Nogood is back at it like a
Bad habit
Bitches jump ship like Jack rabbits
Niggas jump on the band wagon
Like The crack spitta, rap dealer you can cop a flow
I know how flop niggas roll been tryna steal my pot of gold
Like I'm a leprechaun, fake niggas be desepticon
U transform on a real nigga and you the next to get flexed upon
Don't leave without your jacket on
The flow is cold they be sniffin for beef
But icicles drippin from they nose
Niggas trippin over hoes, my time is money
I ain't got no time for niggas who thinkin they time is coming
Like nigga yo rhymes are funny
Got me laughing my ass off, you be typing on Twitter like you is
A fuckin rap star
Real nigga no actor, unlike this nigga S.U.B
I run him off the road like I'm whippin an SUV
Apologies are too late, sincerely you're just too fake
You struggle to get your lines out like the end of a tooth paste huh
The flow is sweet they bite my style and get a tooth ache
Im at ya' neck like 2 Chainz
Double knot it let the nuse hang
As far as local rappers go lemme mention Patrick's flow
PB can't see me like Cena in the arena
I just hand him subpoena there's an order in the court room
You can't claim that you the best of you ain't better than the worst dude
Uh, I ain't gon diss you cuz we neva had a issue but shit
Who gon dismiss I just had to drop your name in this bitch
Had to drop to flame em up
The 8-1-5 think you insane they know you can't compare yourself
Without my name brought up
Is he better than me? Uhhh... "I don't fuckin kno"
All I know is I gotta flow you can't fuck with bro
So let them suckas know you blow like suckin' suckas bro
These dudes be making noise but I'm the one whose causing ruckus though
But No assumptions though didn't mean to hurt no feelings
I had to fuckin kill it cuz y'all were not tryna hear me
But shit I don't blame you I'm the worst whoever did it
Give a fuck about a critic, Mista Nogood Is a villain
This a cinematic movie there's no heroes in this flitick
I seen a lot of shit but nothing's clearer than my visions
We fighting for success to earn ourselves a better living
Been consistent with a written no inks needed when I'm spittin' to you niggas
Off the top like missing ribbons for
You niggas
Dipped off the spot like I lent up
Missing around some niggas
Can't trust myself so I'm feeling
Suspicious round some niggas
We live in stealth so no pictures taken around my niggas
Im so sick wit it by now I'm feeling nauseous - take precaution
When approaching a nigga like
Marcus - where do I start this
Shit I'm still deciding when to end it
I haven't taken a breathe since the beginning
Uh, You let the bass breathe well I just suffocate the shit
And beat the beat like I fucking hate this shit
Moved on to some major shit
Started from the basement shit
Commin' up with the same mothafuckas that I'm hangin with

[Verse 3: Charles]

You can probably catch me at Jakes crib, milking the bong till sunny
Breaks it
Or I'm usually with Nogood tokin on something
So good
Probably reek up ya whole hood
The whole hood know I hope ya dro's good bro , Ridin dirty
Hope 5-0 don't show , it won't be Purdy
But yo, todaloo , go split it twos with ya dude
While I face this all to myself. And I get higher than you
Betta pick and choose , cus most divided by crews , and if you ain't
With my clique then it's gon be hardest on you
Ain't no kiraly but you can call me your majesty or anything as
Long as you niggas know you come after me
Shouts to Omar for putting me on them Dabs G and shouts to Timmy for
Fronting me when my banks cheap
Been kinda ghost , like the shit I just packed, Use to roll in dobys
Suburban smoking a stogie out back
But it's no lack tho , I got ya back bro , like back bones , attack clones
Can't replicate the ones who decimate you
Your testaments due , I should be rich pretty soon if my estimates true
But as for now I'm still broke , unknown , and still hate this shit, should be
Getting paid to the point you couldn't pay me to take a shift
Yo, And this ain't even me going my hardest this just me fuckin around
On a minute verse for an artist #DL

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