Bekay - 2013 Year In Review [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Bekay
Data wydania: 2013-12-31
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

Horror Flick Entertainment
Check it, ey yo it's Bekay, the year in review 2013
Big up to Skillz, I see you
Check it, I'm gonna get foul yo yo ey yo

Yo Eminem's daughter won the homecoming queen (record scratch)
Let me leave that one alone (hahaha)

Ey yo, year in review, check it, yo yo..
I took a year off b*tches, now I'm back and it's hard as f*ck
You can peep dude's joint, or you could peep the harder one
Gave respect pardon dun, game like Hardon son
You talk a bunch of tools, but you scared to pull a garden gun
I rep Bucktown, like my dudes on Duckdown
How the f*ck the whole entire government shut down?
We like what the f*ck now?
We got more idiots in our government then Peyton Manning got touchdowns
Who lost they damn minds, Amanda Bynes
She threw a bong out the window at the cops just to pass the time
George Zimmerman got his ass acquitted
We wanted his f*ckin head on a stick or at least his ass in prison
Every year in review the same, just the names change
Kids still shooting up schools like Danny Ainge at shooting ranges
Boxing's always full of sh*t probably
So I did the joint and became cool with Paulie Malignaggi
Floyd destroyed, once again I ain't mad at ya'
He mad Canelo and the Ghost look like a couple armatures
I'm begging Pacman to go back to eating roids 
And maybe then he'd have a half a chance of beating Floyd
But really giving him one last chance for real
To get rid of that scumbag Bob Arum this year
The Alien earned his name that's very clever 
49 with the belt and keeps getting better 
"Mother f*ckers can't rhyme no more, 'bout crime no more"
But I can cause I'm still slinging dimes out the store man
What a way to end your career or get sent off
Anderson Silva broke his whole God damn leg off
Crazy how that comet went though the sun then almost hitting mars
And in the last weeks UFC lost 2 biggest stars
Rhonda Rousey, she kind of arouse me
You can arm-bar my face, I'll eat your twat if you allow me
20th anniversaries of Tribe, Vibe
Illmatic, Wu Tang, the sh*t that kept us all alive
Kobe tore his Achilles, came back quick a freak of nature 
Hard work, then broke his knee a week later
It looked like the sh*t was aching (damn)
The whole entire world stopped they life to watch the end of Breaking Bad
Hurricane Sandy victims still need paper
I got dudes in Far Rock and Coney who ain't seen nathan
I mean my dudes in coney still ain't seeing Nathans
Cause we can't afford to eat no more we keep scrapin'
The hurricane ruined our f*ckin life
But we manned the f*ck up New York got tough aight
My hood on Flatbush Ave, government mad us mad
I seen dudes getting stabbed for a tank of gas
I'm loving this beat
And the only way my music's like the hurricane, cause the sh*t be flooding the streets
We fight though the aftermath yo, not gonna lose man
Cause here son duke is the top of the food chain
Don't front on New York we got the best of them bars
My man Joell Ortiz bodied Kendrick Lamar 
Speaking on Lamars, Khloe? he broke her back
But started chilling with that one mayor of Canada, smoking crack
And I ain't holding back, I'm telling the whole list
Big up to the new Pope cause he's helping the homeless
I got a few new chicks, spanking brand new
The worlds goin' nuts lover Anchorman Two 
You want to battle me, ain't the time to duel
Cause I'm doing joints with JR and Katy Perry, yea I'm kinda cool
Kim Kardashian, she buffs Kanye
But if i was Sway, I would've snuffed Kanye
Bigmouth, weirdo, hipster, Jay's mini-me
A pair of spandex ain't as tight as your friggin' skinny jeans
You get killed with rhymes
I still dont know what the frigin fox said, but the world watched a trillion times
The teen mom sex tape for me was a waste
The Brooklyn knock out gang, punching people in the face
Miley Cyrus tried to twerk
But when your ass is flatter then my ex chicks, that sh*t don't really work
Haha ok ok let me get to work but first
Slut, i hope one of them big fat fake t*tties burst
Psycho, b*tch, nutcase, I'm free
All you good at was suckin d*ck we'll call you f*ckface, it be
And Con Ed f*ucked up a lot of times, even through the dome
Remember we had a blackout during the Superbowl?
Yankees told Cano "NO," some shed a little tears
So he signed to the worst team in the league for ten friggin' years
Well there goes that, the hypes expired
We lost one of the best ever yo, Mariano just retired 
Listening like what the f*ck is up with rap
Derrick Rose's other knee? C'mon what kinda luck is that (what kind of luck is that!?)
"Mother f*ckers can't rhyme no more, 'bout crime no more"
But I can cause I'm still slinging dimes out the store man
San Fran won the bowl that's true talk
The Red Sox won the world series but don;t say it in New York
A lot of people showed they less then so average
Tim Tebow, two words, no talent
Katy Perry's name helped for those who never heard of me
Miami Dolphins hazing dudes like they're a Fraternity
Some cats got caught up in some sh*t we never heard of
Aaron Hernandez got charged with f*ckin murder
That's some news on a couple of players
Anthony Wiener went from showing d*ick pics, to running for the mayor
Smoking earwax all off the marijuana
2014, we blow up like Boston marathons man
But salute to anyone who lost a loved one
A mother to guns, a brother or son
Obama-care is supposed to get our health right
So everybody logged on but couldn't get on to the website 
In heaven Paul Walker of-course I'll see ya'
What the f*ck was Dennis Rodman doing up in North Korea
The British had the friggin' royal baby born
And next year, I'm really bout to take the whole game it's on (beat drop now)
Don't get mad next year when I bang your girl
Rest in peace Nelson Mandela, you changed the world!
The year in review, this is the year in review

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