Bekay - 2015 Year In Review [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Bekay
Data wydania: 2015-12-30
Gatunek: Rap
Tekst: Bekay

Tekst piosenki

Straight outta last year, a crazy mother f**ker named Bekay
2015 year in review, here's the replay
Drake ate Meek Mill, high on E pills
First dis killed, but bodybags on the sequel
Social media’s nuts it could scare you
Cause I don't know if I should FaceTime, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, or tag you
Sh*t was out of control for a while
Upstate NY them 2 dudes broke out of jail Shawshank style
They said nope, we won't go back to prison
Its no joke, the pope, scolded capitalism
He a real OG, lemme get this out before the slop starts
He pimped through New York in a frickin’ armored golf cart
I feel like I ain't seen Diddy in a year and
I can't front, I’m glad that dude is disappearing 
Facts, I’m letting em all out
Lamar Odom went from 6th man of the year, to almost dropping dead in a whore house
Climate change nuts, wonder if this shit'll stop
I recorded this late December, rocking a wife beater and flip flops
Ronda Rousey, looked more like Ronda Lousy 
She was amped, but Holly Holm made that ass calm and drowsy  
Minimum wage rising at a slow pace
This year a lot of beef and I ain't talking bout e.coli at Chipotle 
You could get Stitches so sit in yo place
No Game, walk out the club get hit with bricks in yo face
And I ditched my bitch, f*cked more then 50 females
You want details?—go read about it in Hillary's e-mails
One in the sky, but also big up my man Eclipse
The universe was off the hook the blood moon do exist
Everyone rocking one but I'll beat you with a selfie stick
You selfish prick, Tracy Kiss my new crush I give her healthy d*ck
Letterman retired no more Top Ten lists and ratings
Stephen Colbert started off hot but now that dude is fading
Ain't no debating, cause no matter what Jen-der you are
Bitches nowadays got more balls then Caitlin
I'm thinking when I take a toke, ya'll really need to lighten up man
Ya'll can take a dick but can't take a joke!
This year they crying I'm like laugh dammit 
Seems 2015 everyone more "touchy feely" them tablets
Sent seals overseas salute, the troops I'm screaming
Turkey shot down Russian plane Putin is steaming
These f*cking terrorists they see through, and cowards
My heart be going out to all my peoples in Paris
ISIS could cut my hands off and I'ma still write
They could eat some freedom d*cks, cause all our freedom feel right
Obama talks strategy to end it
I don;t think nobody knows his f*cking plan to begin with
Brady's balls deflated (pause) no homo, wait wait
I ain't talking anatomy, I'm talking about deflate gate
The Patriots and Super Bowl rings stay connected
Jay Z launched Tidal, but ain’t get the wave he expected
People split ways Lil Wayne and Baby part
I ain't sure but I think Planned Parenthood was selling baby parts man
NBA champs took it in Game 6
Golden State young blood had Lebron running like Asics
I'll give 700 lumps to that f*ckin d*ck who raised the price of cancer meds from 17 to 700 bucks (A**hole)
Heard kids saying "Slim Jesus is the best dude"
Sure, at getting the mic ripped out his hands at every venue
Tripple G, got Canelo with something to fear
Mayweather vs Pacman (huh) dud of the year
But dudes wanna diss Floyd, soon you gone miss Floyd
Just cause Pac and these mother f*ckers they couldn’t hit Floyd
All they do is missing Floyd—get it?
Dude even tore his own shoulder out man just trying to swing on Floyd
Stupid! This is f*ck you music
I just call it how I see it and what these people be doin’, and
Tyson Fury's a dick to me
But Wladimir Klitschko put on the worst shit show in heavyweight boxing history
Oh big up to Tyga, she young but you done started it
Man Kyle Jenner's ass and body's retarded kid
Kanye must be high on crack, it’s evident
We'll see "Jesus Walk" before that dude's elected president
Dude stop acting like a d*ck at every award show
Or pass me Kim for the night and let me see how that whore blow
Man I went from Private to Sarge, Lieutenant to Capo
Stayed making moves underground like El Chapo
Dude's like Houdini broke out and no-one found 'em
Someone call Donald Trump to build a f*cking wall around 'em like
Trump is sort of out his mind
Adele came back and sold more records then everybody combined
If you can’t take a joke nowadays suck a d*ck!
Cause this country's getting soft and PC up in this bitch
Bitch, cunt, slut, mother f*cker, p*ssy, peep this
I just said that whole line right there so radio could bleep it
This year girls had daddy issues, maybe they strip
I dated a waitress, tried to f*ck her but she couldn't take the tip
Gettin’ steady gwap
But even when I'm sipping that Remy Boyz, I got one eye on you like I'm Fetty Wap
The country's really getting so sick
I just this one cop body slamming a 15 year old chick
Injuries held him down like a ball and chain
So Kobe's retiring now he gave his all to the game 
Salute, you went to Ashley Madison exposed the whore in ya’
Real Housewives—I’d rather watch American Ninja Warrior
Kendrick might win 11 Grammys…maybe
‘Straight Outta Compton’ took me back to Hip-Hop, when I was a baby
Terrance Howard left the big screen, rules the Empire
Hakeem is Jigga's real son, that rumors expired
New Star Wars just dropped as real as it gets
More people care about that then the 20 trillion we in debt
But when the system collapse and we grillin’ yo set
Cause pensions is gone and people start killin’ for rent
I'll be in Nostrand projects, chilling with my Ex
No pun intended me, her goons, Gutter, and millions of Tecs (young’s)
You don’t spit man, you suck instead
Rest in peace Sean P, and my brother Pumpkinhead (I love you dog)

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