Bekay - 2014 Year In Review [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Bekay
Data wydania: 2014-12-31
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Noah “40” Shebib, Boi-1da, Frank Dukes, Nineteen85

Tekst piosenki

2014 here's some sh*t that happened
The Wolf of Wall Street dropped, became an instant classic
It made Jordan Belfort, peoples lives mission
My team would be outta control too in that position
Do you understand the sh*t I would do b?
Jerkin' it on the hottest chick in the room like Jonah Hill did in the movie
Without stickin' a groupie, you wanna a crazy scene?
That annoying b*tch in Maine who refused the quarantine
Stubborn b*tch! What is peoples lives were over
Just cause your stupid *ss refused to respect Ebola
Derrick Jeter retired, and got cheered in every city 
That level of respect nobody's higher
Phillip Seymour Hoffman died
Then Drake lost the cover of Rollingstone, proceeded to whine and cry
Fuccboi I'm a king, you a rook -- dead up
The album art for this joint straight up...I just look better
Straight robbery got my iPhone Six
And within a week everyone had to get they iPhone fixed
Everyone called out Iggy's fat *ss like a trunk
But I'd still like to beat that *ss from behind like a rabbit punch
That *ss is beautiful baby, trueeeeeeee
You got no damn clue, on what I'd do to you baby
Bobby Shmurda, had the best name
Now he bout to do some fed time for guns, coke, and murder
What the hell this sick f*ck been doin' since birth
Bill Cosby raped half the women on earth, maaaaan
I couldn't help it, as i wrote this song
Bill Cosby was putting his d*ck where that sh*t didn't belong
Follow me: I saw Bill Cosby at mini-golf teaching a young kid 'putting'
While 'putting.' his Pudding pop in these drugged up women, stop!
Your face full of knots, before I push it back like a hoodless top
Joan Rivers got her last face lift
Now she going to heaven in a spaceship, still gossiping bout gay sh*t
I'm just playin' quick, her shoes who will fit
No one can fill the role of the most gangsta Brooklyn, Jewish chick
Christie Mack, got her t*tties smacked, beyond a porno dream
Bloody mouth, broken jaw, thanks to the War Machine
Let's blow up spots, Hanna Montana  gagged on a banana
I mean she sucked a blow up doll's cock
Rodger Goodell, should change his name to Roger 'should tell'
A chick get two pieced, he like "she hardly just fell"
So tell a hater, lets get celebrity death match back
Solange Vs. Ray Rice in an elevator
Bitch play nice, or we could play dress up
You play the straight wife, and I'll play Ray Rice
Now what the hell is this sh*t, Adrien Peterson's son
Got whipped, his *ss and d*ck, with a stick
Now this line here I'm laughin' on
Diddy slapped the sh*t out of Drake over this beat I'm rappin' on
Kim Jung Un, if he could only speak
And fess up why he shut down Sony for weeks
That little mother fucker's manufacturing nukes
So we should drone bomb his *ss -- no actual troops
Over a movie called 'The Interview' faking it's a shame
Rogan and Franco even did 'Naked and Afraid,' for promo
The dead poets society of rappin'
On my chair screaming out 'ohh captain, my captain'
Robin Williams fans see millions
Dre went from 10k a day, to headphones for three billion
Eminem can still rap and spit sick
But he looked old as sh*t, in that Rollingstone pic
Action Bronson blew up from cooking
I mean he's fat as shit, the dude blew up from cooking
Haha, just a joke, not worth repeating
Mayweather's the best in the world -- just not at reading
Ok look, him and Pacman wanna make a fight
But Bob Arum owns Manny, so that's the end, aite?
From dates, and absurd doe to blood tests, we knew it
Outdoor arenas? Needles hurt me, you blew it!
Fighting nobody's, like Brandon Rios you hear me?
Drawing 300 a fight verse kick boxer's named Algeri, who?
You can't make demands when the guy triples you
Triple pay per view, skills, speed, numbers, yo the sh*ts on you!
So when you thinking back like why this never happened
You could thank your good buddy, the devil, Bob Arum
Greedy lowlife, I hope lightning will appear and strike you
Terence Crawford was fighter of the year
Obama promised us a lotta change
Now we 500 trillion in debt, all we got is a lotta change
The whole system admit it, it's broke
Chris Christie shut down the GW bridge as a political joke
What? De Blasio like "we trying to save ya"
That f*cking moron someone fire the mayor
Can't we just all get along?
We trying, but the grand jury system keeps getting it wrong
It's f*cked up sh*t, my dudes about to bust quick...
And really start doing crazy sh*t for justice
Remy Ma home, I feel that girls fury
The San Fran Giants, they won the World Series
The Spurs stay G'd up, now they champs again
Seahawks won the bowl and took Peytons chance again
Brazil kicked thousands of people out they tiny homes
Just so the world cup could be watched in different time zones
Verified on Twitter cause of my army of psycho fans
One chick tried to tackle my nuts like Michael Sam
My *ss is off probation
Juniors' Cheesecake almost sold for 50 mil, but wouldn't change the location (good)
This year comes 'Survivorman,' so rap screw it
While y'all stay faker then Nikki's *ss, but I'd probably still do it
Peeps were obsessed with Pharell's hat
While I stay sick as hell like Odel Bckham's catch
The year in review!

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