BET - Digital All-Star Cypher [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: BET
Data wydania: 2013-01-01
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Asia Sparks]
Ladies wave ya hands if you love hip-hop
Fellas leave ya girl if you love A.Sparks
I done flew a couple miles across the U.S to spit finesse
Naw I'm lying this a contest of who the best
And I'm a beast, my phillies request this A.sparks in the flesh
Watch me chew these rappers heads of while they staring at my breast
Time for demonstration, I can be a star while the step dad chase
Leave'em more devastated
I be spitting with aggravation. but I'm educated
So watch me sit up bitch, but definitely holding up conversation
Just when my little heart need some aspiration
Pockets bigger than jeopardy
These pockets touch zero I'm [?] me
Barrel Pistols, smoking two out the pound
A.Sparks be the definite
When it comes to this flow y'all be d-d-d-d-deaf as shit D-d-d-d-definitely
Causing y'all speech impediment
This Asia Sparks I'm causing you
Tell the labels let her in

[Verse 2: Bad Lucc]
Yeah, I hold court with the gods
Bet ya fat joke coming for ya squad
Paint pictures for other rappers when I was skinny
Now the chain cover my whole damn stomach now that's winning
Watts bred, Cali where I rep that
From town ave to B.E.T gotta respect that
Gangsters don't that, riders get you through that
I've been off the porch since Lil Wayne was wearing blue rags
Yeah, keep talking that real
Canon on them 46's how does it feel?
Put you money the table since you wanna get killed
And watch a king check a prince I'm diamond lanes Uncle Phil
Yeah, I win my rounds get off square
Me and Bleezy uptown we get'em off there
It's Bad Lucc I'm the illest on earth
I'ma trap until it hurts and never rap in the skirts
Hail gang

[Verse 3: Astro]
First of all I wanna D-O-N-A-T-E deez
To the D's profiling young black teens
I represent the gritty city streets of once he rock
Ya diamond earring shit like a club that Diddy be
Which is more nuts my flow or Bukkakes?
Who keep it lochie?
I touch more keys than liberace
Never rocking Versace
My pockets thin its fat
And model dinners and i'll wilts on you like Dennis the menace
Pen is a menace cause I'm able
Try to ill, grew and prevail
That's your epic fail, generic labels
A young and rebelling forget what they telling
I'm doper than poppy seeds
X the factor chapter I'm a book them judges couldn't read
LA to NY I keeps it chill
And banging and aim at banks at will like Uncle Phil
The Grade A, Baby
No matter what brand he rock
The boy look Fabolous like Ray J

[Verse 4: Problem]
Let me hit'em with the catch phrase
Maybach closed curtains like I left stage
On one bout to switch'em to mo
Dancing in hell's kitchen bout to switch on the stove
God got me, illumi-not-me written in bold
Slept on, but now everywhere like rappers with gold
Ooh, Boys its getting worse
And with that bullshit millionaires verse
Jova green boy I'll put ya grey hearse
It's easy then we address it wearing them sway verses
Diamond Lane yeah we taking the lead
Been on one since I was overcharging Drake for weed
Like the type to see the Jankster's speak
Ask Meek if any motherfucker faking me
Woo, I bet I quite the crowd
I'ma boss hiring hoes while I fire the loud
I see the cops shaking they head admire the style
City to god, [?] to city now fire the smile
Cause I'm madman
Smoke niggas like clansman
Put you to sleep like the sandman
Boy its time for winning no phase
So I cop more four-fives and nines and ain't talking bout Jay's
Better be afraid, but I ain't the shooter
Tragical loser
Riding inside the Chevy, fucking a cougar
Lyrical ruler pop ya medulla
I'm on a roll
The one rapper that Kendrick can't control

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