BET - Vic Mensa, G Herbo, Taylor Benett And Nick Grant Drop Heat! [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: BET
Album: BET Hip Hop Awards 2018
Data wydania: 2018-10-16
Producent: Swizz Beatz
Tekst: Vic Mensa, Taylor Bennett, G Herbo, Nick Grant

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Vic Mensa]
Anti American hero, money printer, fuck the federal bureau
The chain fresh to death, I'm a mummified pharaoh
Had Virgil overnight these
My off whites on fire like white people burnin' their Nikes
Kaepernick called me, told me 'Just do it'
They say 'Stay woke,' still slept with the rugers
The only time you bear arms is in a wife beater, loser
Your favorite rapper's a domestic abuser, ay
Name a single Vic Mensa song
*** we all know you won't live that long
I don’t respect ****** posthumously
Homicide ain’t new to me, catch up with Akademiks at your eulogy
What could you do to me? I hate everybody including me
Album didn't sell, fans are gettin' stale, how can I prevail?
Still, deliver like Anthrax in the mail
Take a deep breath, I'll see you in hell, brah

[Verse 2: Taylor Bennett]
Look, nowadays we play vinyl's
The Richie kids always hate Lionel
Cheap drinks so in sync with deep silence
Used to greet violence with pink shiners and geek Viners
Now these minus the real innovators and pathfinders
Find myself in my deepest thoughts and my last writers
Never take a second to count my blessings of past commas
How I pass fires with pacifiers and not expire
My new music sound like who's this and who's the writer?
God done laced me with a gift, I hope you could decipher
I ride waves and stargaze to keep writin' a bible
I meet artists, sleep artists, I know when they callin'
Add 'em up, yup, uh, picture me ballin'
40 chains and 40 rings [?] you want us
The pressure's deep, I hold my breath 'cause [?] told me
It's all about perception, rest and awaken that morning
Speakin', even sleepin', even grievin' while others is mourning

[Verse 3: G Herbo]
A lot of shit I said I was ‘posed to did, I ain’t do it yet
I flew in this bitch first class, I ain’t do a jet
Belaire gave a nigga some cash, I don’t do Moet
Everybody see a nigga paid, I ain’t full yet
Bought six watches this year, I ain’t toured yet
Niggas all waitin’ for the sauce, I ain’t pour it yet
Just like you get the first back, it’s some more of that
I’m on top of niggas on top like a 4 flat
And we used to stand over niggas like doormats
I got all these medals on me, I’m a war vet
I’m proof 2Pac died, came back
Who supplied everything that the game got?
Who shot once, later on came back?
Who your favorite rapper never got his chain snatched?
Heard your favorite rapper went and bought his chain back
Like a punishment, you tryin’ get your game back
To wrap up, you tryin’ to get your name back
Talk shit, fuck around, got aimed at
Cocaine, 15, used to slang that
63 a day and you can’t get my main jack
Southside told me these rappers, they pussy
And real niggas last so fall back, we got a cushion
I’m like yeah you right, I ain’t a killer, but don’t push me
Damn, hand me that, I ain’t never had a fully
Thousand dollar hoodie, uh, memory on all the time
Real niggas all the time, soldiers all fall in line
And I need a crib by the palm trees
I’m tryin’ to wake up, feel the calm breeze
Even though I’m already on freeze
I got rollies and Audemars Ps
Camera’s always on, I’m a star, freeze
Camera’s always on, I’m a star, say cheese, uh

[Verse 4: Nick Grant]
All you niggas look like your skill don’t match your height
You know it’s fake love when the views don’t match the likes
I’m a mixture of good karma and bad advice
I’m from the dirty where niggas ask for your casket price
Got your bae watchin’, she’s a fan of my stuff
Lips pokin’ out the coupe like Pamela’s bust
See the snake in niggas’ eyes, she don’t gamble with love
Still, she takin’ off the top like the manager cut
Hey I’ma reign forever, it’s like a week for trial
That shit was overheads, I get the check and bounce
You lil’ niggas get embarrassed, can’t see my style
It’s like the teacher made the class clown read aloud
Hey this is it, boy, let’s get rich, what
Ray Charles, see I’m shinin’, Money Mitch boy
I from where niggas pull up on you with the shits boy
Leave you underground like you couldn’t find a hit boy
Ok the money’s cool, just make sure we evolve
Screamin’ ‘fuck your wave,’ this is a scene from Jaws
Your top five talk put me to sleep, I’m bored
My nigga, me, me, me, me, me, that's all
No disrespect, Nah I'm lyin'
If it was really based on talent, you wouldn't survive it
A nigga got his heart on his sleeve, how stylish
Not disappointed, I'm just realer than niggas I admired

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