Black Epoch - Glitch [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Black Epoch
Data wydania: 2014-02-26
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: L.J.

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Tekst piosenki

You think we should say something at the beginning?
Or you just wanna... Never mind...

[Verse 1: Monk]
They fire shots when they know that we're still moving
How we miss them? We had eyes with the uzi
Empire pops with the flow and free will ruling
And now their vision be bad guys in a movie
Past lives on the prize and that last time was a doozie
I'm chastising the minds that say "black pride, it subdued me"
Trapped, lapped, you're behind me, you're oozing tires, I burn tar
Just guarding position, to win they'll have to earn heart
Y'all gotta brake, I turn hard
I'm going to make your world dark
Projectile, gotta cough that bile
In a cot for a while, I hurl darts
Call for the cease and desisting of
Releasing songs that be missing any
Piece of patterns consisting of a standard that ain't worth art
Find a permit to ruin it
Fronting striking some relevance
Mime your murmurs, you cool with it frumpy?
Sign your intelligence
Climb a hurdle to prove it that
Running sly gets you medicine
I'm allergic to feuding
The Monkey writes with an epipen

[Hook: Monk]
Low voices in the back, we can't understand them
Go and think it over if you're coming at the tandem
Got a message, listen up if you don't think we're 'bout it
Making fans out of critics, ain't no way to doubt it
Well, here it go
We're going to give them something to talk about
To all the haters that never listen, but run their mouth
We're going to give them something to talk about
So keep fueling the fire Black Epoch's putting out

[Verse 2: Jesse Hughes]
This is verbal mutilation that's sparked from the indignation
That comes from the constant hating that's causing brutal predation
I'm aiming for critics, turn attention to mental black out
Fiending for the lyrics, I serve spirits from verbal crack house
Pulling my mental gats out
Lyrics that blow their backs out
Aiming at any rapper that don't know what this code black 'bout
This a movement I'm inciting to keep improving my people's progress
Y'all make music that keep inviting the mental pollution
MC's be fighting, unerring verse from a lyrical preacher
Spit sermons into these mics
Turn booths to pulpits
Religiously altering congregations plight
Pour holy water on those who falter in fear of their own oppression
Verbal martyrs are those who harbor the thoughts of their kind's procession
The masses don't like my message
Ignoring my lyrics' lesson
They put me into repression
To try to stop our progression
I'm sending up intercession
That y'all get showering with blessings
Reversing mental recessions
That cause your morals to lessen

[Hook: Jesse Hughes]

[Verse 3: Monk]
Futile prayers that you cherish
Reckon how we put in work
A few asparaguses blaring
Y'all would take the pudding first
Hiding dumb where tonsils hung
We're about to make you gum your words
And bite your tongues until your blood
It comes to taste like just desserts
Drier sense of humor when a passion goes unrequited
I'm tired of pleasant tumors that are acting like they're benign
And I'm wired to call you out when you claim us from the beginning
Slight of you in the cold, but amass in a fairer climate
Tay's game will rain on a pane with thunder's measure
I spray like a hurricane when I maintain under weather
LJ leads the wave, an array of blazing beat making lieutenants
Our army's protecting faith, all opposing should get offended
I fender bendered sinning
Ended devil grinning
For a gain
Kindled candle spitting
Ember chamber giving
Forge a flame
Amateur festering, they're peer pestering
Third string sitting, we own this game
Hermits stir, and the worm, you squirm timid
Heard you listening, you know the name

[Hook: Monk]

[Verse 4: Jesse Hughes]
See these other rappers played out
Close the curtain on their act, we know what that charade bout
Staging studio gangsta rap
They grab a mic, whole background change
Acting in a broad's way
Shakespearean, trying to be something you ain't
Experienced, so be correct when you aim
They like to say that I'm hella deranged
I like to say that the flow is insane
I set the sight and you're stuck in the range
Get under your skin and you're stuck with the mange
Got you exfoliating
I like to say we took over the game
Yes, we're expropriating
Give us the fuel to kindle the flame
Lyrics are cruel, our critics we maim
We're altruistic, humanistic
Not to mention godly gifted
Our success is fatalistic
Emergence is cataclysmic
Insurgents are real sadistic
We're building a coalition
That's strapped with the ammunition
That's stopping the opposition
Our mission is demolition
Our soldiers on expedition
Destroying your disposition
We're sending an admonition
That's sparking the superstition
That's causing the premonitions
To fear us as apparitions

[Hook: Jesse Hughes]

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