Black Ice Cartel - Arsonal vs QP [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Black Ice Cartel
Data wydania: 2014-07-06
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Round 1 - QP]
I said dog, listen dog… welcome back to the Midwest, Ars
On some real shit
I didn’t even expect you to be standing in this bitch with me
But start panicking nigga, I might have Trick with me
Yeah, now I know you done heard that shit from a lot of lips
But you ain’t hear it from my lips, sissy
On my hood, I was in the building when they asked you if you know Suge. Bitch you shook yo' head head like it was a no good, and that shit shifty
Now Uncle Trick run the D
He got a lot of goons and that’s a big city
But fuck denying my brother
Nigga we would've had to get busy!
Aye Ray Swag… ask me if I know X
Ask me if I know Miles, ask me if I know Cash
You said you was gonna ask me if I know Cal
I ain’t about to tell that man, no nigga, that’s yo' style
All them niggas my niggas and bitch it can go down!
That nigga Has he told me about when you sent that nigga up there to knock me out. How come I ain’t get off'd right then?
You sent your goon to come kill me
I ain’t die and he’s still alive, how that's boss life then?
When I came to that state you let that false life end
We put our back to the bricks and we talk like men
And that’s the real fucking story
Bitch boy running around with his emotional thug issues
This some battle rap shit, dog
Personally, I’m not about to hold no grudge with you
I give a fuck if a bug bit you, you little fudgesicle
Just don’t fuck with me cuz I love pistols
Now I peep you keep about two or three Bloods with you
That’s cool, I got a MAK-90 y’all gon see rip out SCUD missiles
And every Blood with you gon bleed blood with you
All that gun smokin’ will I have his lungs open like bud crystals
30 out that 40 or a couple pokes from that knife
Will have you pouring out that pipe like you got mud with you
Now let me guess… when you ain’t pedicure toed glossed stepping or cross dressing, what, you in the hood clutching Eagles probably? Nigga get the fuck on!
I’m [...] and all my fucking people follow me
But pause this shit for a minute and let me know if I’m fucking speaking properly
Cuz I heard that nigga Treach own UW
So basically you living off of other people property!
Speaking of that, I know why they call yo' league UW
Cuz against that nigga Hollow Da Don and Tech-9
We heard bars that you double used
He told everybody in Jersey that he checked out on me
Let’s say that did happen
If that’s the truth dog, that just go to prove that this nigga ain’t even about big action
Cuz I ain’t saying you gotta kill a nigga, but if it’s problems like that, I’ma at least steal a nigga and leave the kid napping
That’s crazy, right?
Cuz when you steal a nigga that’s a kidnapping
You showed up on Twitter about me whipping out the phone
But the other day me and my nigga watched your battle with Charron. He like “I hope he kill the white boy”
I’m like “nigga, I hope he kill the white boy with you”
Soon as I thought you was about to zone out I got hype for a little. Cuz I thought you was finna go your own route
Here he go dick sucking, pull one of my moves and whip the fucking phone out
He let you choose like "knife or pistol"
And y’all believing this fag nigga? Just like them comedian-ass niggas, letting them white boys bitch you!
This nigga Ars think he about to school a nigga
So now I got to teach yo' ass
I might pull that mag out, hollow heat seek yo' ass
Aye Paul George, for that clown shit you said
In person I wanna meet yo' ass
Cuz I’ma do you like the NBA did him and use the heat to beat yo' ass! Light work!

[Round 1 - Arsonal]
Once again I’m here, in another nigga state
On another nigga stage, up in another nigga face
Now they say when you love someone dog
You supposed to put a ring on it
Well I love my strap, that bitch ring so much it need its own answer machine on it
She ain’t ever let me down
In her hole I shove a banana if she want it
That bitch jam, I’m taking the bullets out and I’m slamming him clean on it
Cuz your effort poor
You ain’t a real Vice Lord, so what you repping for?
Gun to his head like ‘say it again!’
Like Pinky told Craig in the record store
Niggas gave him five hundred to battle
And got him thinking less is more
Closest you’ll ever get to being king is playing Tekken 4
Yeah I’m crippin', I’m young Nipsey of the game
Clean, for real? You should’ve let Dinghy be the name
Yo' bitch I F her up and down, my nickname Fendi to the dame
I'll have your whole body in a black plastic bag
You’ll be looking like Missy in the ring
I drive through, window rolled down, semi to his frame
And leave junior baking, I just ordered Wendy’s on the lane
Now let me guess, yo' gun so big dog it needs its own zip code
Well my gun so regular dog
It shoot hollow tips that leave big holes
You the type of nigga midway through the conversation you hit a nigga with the sniff nose. Implying that what you buying and supplying need to go get those
He really fiend, he wanna get high, scope him a willie bean
You’ll never be top tier, you banking on an empty dream
I’ll define pupil to show y’all what I really mean
A upper cut will have his brim to the sky
Looking like Sidney Dean!
I hate you, nigga. And I put that on a Nazi flag
I’ll leave holes in Qleen face
To have him looking like a hockey mask
Y’all know how I predicted this battle will be a body bag? Cuz these lines all over the place; I’m like a liar taking a polygraph!
I’ma show you how to break down bricks; no karate class
Put your face on a shirt and this ain’t no Versace ad
You ain’t never on wax, you done made Mr. Miyagi mad
I catch him I stretch him, turn the stage to a Pilates class
Anton Tyler died right after the slam, so you the sixth man
I'll give QP a buck fifty and I’m only purchasing six grams
I’m AR and I keep a AR, after that click blam
I'll sit that bitch in the corner and use the clip for the kickstand
A banana clip shooting out the cannon; fuck the camera shit
My trigger finger naughty, it ain’t never making Santa’s list
You shoot up and you sniff
Against Kannon, that shit was a disaster, you forgot everything you was gonna say and didn’t even hit the cannabis
Now this shit here is a wrap; that’s a doobie, dude
I’ve been getting 5k for a battle since a newbie, dude
Call my New Orleans niggas to feast, now you truly food. Cuz once them niggas from Nolia Clap you getting Hootie Hoo'd!
I'll take a hammer, put a nail in his coffin
That’s what I do with tools
You’ll think Hell Rell got that eviction notice
I’ll make that Ruger move
Your bitch treat my dick like a teething toy; all she do is drool
Both hands on it; look like she tryna complete a Rubik’s cube!
She cold hearted nigga, she suck dick daily without her caring
I can’t look down while she topping me off without her staring
I mean I gang bang, so we gangbang
Mean I’m doing a lot of sharing
You started as a PG under 13
Not admitted without your parent
I ain’t the boy who cried wolf
Y’all think I’m bluffing, I’ma kill him
I keep a power tool, once I press the button I’ma drill him
Knock every cavity outside his mouth
And tell his dentist I’m Chinx Drugz
What that mean dog? I can give a fuck about your feelings
I wasn’t trying to trick y’all
Shit y’all, in Detroit the nigga big y’all
He a PG nigga trying to cross over; he think he Chris Paul
One quick call get him hit y’all, blood stains all over his wall
But y’all can’t seen him until a black light hit him
They like a lint ball
I'll tell you to your face nigga you can suck my dick and these big balls. Insert a quick pause
And then knock the nigga out for getting involved
My shit is real, my shit is raw, my shit is authentic
You can’t spell 'bars' without putting that Ars in it!

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