Black Ice Cartel - Danja Zone vs B Magic [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Black Ice Cartel
Data wydania: 2015-12-08
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Round One: DANJA ZONE]
Shh, quiet down, y’all hear that? I can hear his heart beating
B-boom, b-b-ba-boom, boom. The champ is here. (x 4)
And Magic? You’re not as lyrical, so please
You’re fucking round with a threat; that’s a venereal disease
Jeez. I should be crowned the best
They say “keep it rap”; I’ll rap
And wrap both hands ‘round his neck
You look like you got a venereal disease
Fucking round with threats
I should the V.D. out like URL wasn’t founded yet
Nigga this is ‘bout respect
So please address the crowd and flex
And get killed after getting out of pocket like Malcolm X
Get your hands out my p— nigga you heard what I said
You must’ve slipped, fell
And bumped your motherfucking head
He dead. Instead I’ll put two in your noggin
Exposing Black thought
That’s how I get to the Root of the problem
You request love? Off of what? Your bars not hard enough
I’ll have him missing in the Mil
Like the drive-thru fucked my order up
He often punch
But a Danja haymaker maker make a Kamehameha quake
Face to face, state the date
October Zone; you ain’t facing Drake
Soon as Black drop the first hit, they gon boo ‘im like an 808
It’s safe to say I been god lately
And I don’t like you, B; Don lady
But I’ll still air it out like Tom Brady
And don’t use Born to try play me
‘Cause that battle with Born old
And that B ain’t for Benjamin, but in here, you gon die, baby
Crazy. ‘Cause a nigga claiming he not crazy
On a mission, more than gifted
Incredible with the Hawk
I never seen Black with those nor a ‘venger
With Iron? Man, low key he wouldn’t lift a hammer
With Thor’s assistance
I slaughter niggas, and you nothing like Carter
Write harder. Thinking Danja wack, I’ll bring the fade to Black like Wesley Snipes' barber
I’m your father, ‘cause to D, hearing Magic why I smile in court
The way I write, BM
The pen dent on the paper and I don’t need y’all support
With seven days prep, he dying horribly in the sport
Got out the pen a week ago for what I do today
That’s a Minority Report
Nigga, and everything I wrote is dope
I’ll rope-a-dope, then comatose ya
The can, it’a shoot to where the pack stay like Nova Scotia
Used to shit and straight flush nobodies til they fold in poker
On cards for John Dough
I'll be common names on them like Coca-Colas
Get capped for the crown; I’ll be done broke his molars
I made a nigga throw in the towel
You ain’t mafia like cosa nostra
Poser. I be knocking them off
Trying to test the waters, you done hopped in with Jaws
Nigga my style hostile and hotter than yours
Last nigga laid down the towel
You ‘bout to be remodeling floors

[Round 1: B MAGIC]
Danja Zone, is it? Well you about to step in that
I put a new flame to your Breezy like Gimme That
What’s in it will come out of the can like Fix-a-Flat
Bumping Wu-Tang; she met the Cal before RZA rapped
Fix your face. Coming through my hood, better fix your hat
You must be kidding, nigga you pussy and I’ma kill a cat
I’ll pull out a small handgun, that’ll peel his cap
But that bitch sound BIGger than Guerilla Black, it’s a wrap
Nigga that Slick talking won’t make you Bond
You stuck behind bars; question is, can you take the time?
I’ll spray the nine, put this lame in his spine
Think of Michelle Pfeiffer ‘cause this bitch Danger is mines
Danja gay ass a fan
He Dylan if Writers Bloque was Making The Band
I’ll scream what I mean about something stay in the can
What, you ain’t catch it? You know: Oscar stay in the can
Let’s turn it up
Don’t think that you’re driving down easy street
Sneaker-creep. Catch him at work, proceed to beat the geek
This weak emcee get drug over the counter like CVC
Jerry coming with something sicker than Eazy E
What, you ain’t catch it? Jerry Heller, Eazy E?
You know the block is hot
You ain’t gotta hear it from Weezy, we see it’s beef
And this nigga Danja gon see the heat;
I’m ahead of you, God, I’ll send yo ass to Jesus, peace
Aight Dane, change of plans
Hook shot, then get to booting wherever Danja lands
Talk; don’t raise your hand. Eleven milli on the killings, and you Vince Carter: you only been on your Grizzly for a minute
Listen. You gon die today. Boy that Cal’ll wave
I’ll take your dime and cut her; I’m Dallas Page
That bitch’ll be on the Shaft like Isaac Hayes
Think of Ghost Rider from the fire brain
Your talk as cheap as your outfit. I’m ‘bout this
All you can do is piss me off ‘cause you ain’t ‘bout shit
Who vouch this? When I’m airing the pistol
Just hope your own head make it back to Maryland with you

[Round Two: DANJA ZONE]
Shit, y’all ready for the second round?
‘Cause the first ‘bout killed him
Then he came with that shit? Apologize
See ‘cause now you done hurt my feelings
Now after this, hope it’s no love lost
Cuz this might get me cut from my circle. It’s like a buzzsaw
But you know the name, homie
It’s Danja Zone ‘gainst James Toney, let’s take the gloves off
Now when Magic get in a fight
He be like, “give me what you got, son”
Then turned Denzel in Training Day
Should’ve seen what he gotten one
Not ‘cause he got wet like Ethan, how the cop done
But J.Fox was like, “get me the bitch”
Magic was reaching for the Shotgun
But I want to ask you something though
Why he ain’t help you? Ain’t you two cripping?
Why you ain’t light up J.Fox
Like an Amazing Spider-Man 2 villain?
But you ain’t Bad. Beat It
Putting hands on a kid may be in your plans
But why you ain’t Michael J. Fox? Oh I get it
‘Cause you too shaky with the hands
But you got One More Chance to retreat
Which really seems useless
I’ll make a nigga look Ashanti over a Biggie beat foolish
You full of false hope. This is pure dope
To be frank, I blew Magic out; I’m really Team Lucas
We share your bitch; I’m thinking he’s stupid
Treat her *as if* she’s best friends with the D but he’s Clueless
Her mouth get all cock; her jaws lock
Tell your whore get some help
The key to unlocking it is to turn on a knock
She might open some doors for herself
You do this more for the wealth
But it’s minuscule; get ridiculed
Dog food, that’s Beneful, you been a fool
Look at what I did to June
I’m cold, but you know what you should’ve invested in instead of him? Rent Em Spoons! Rent Em Spoons!
But we gone rob him. After though, John, I read my fine print
For all that battle money, then we better not find shit
Ask him, “where it at?” but remain calm and wave arms if you talk slow, Magic, like a jedi mind trick
You in a war with a warrior, nigga; can you dig it?
This is my house; you’re just lucky I let you visit
Was death your mission?
To get what you’re searching for, see me first: I’m more of a YouTube ad that won’t let you skip it
Could’ve battled anywhere: on the block, your cartel, wherever
Could’ve got schooled in the IV league
I ain’t no Yale professor
Concealed with silencers; won’t see or hear
Them shots go Helen Keller
Catch a shell over the chicken
That’s a KFC and Taco Bell together

[Round 2: B MAGIC]
You super-lyrical ass rapper, you need to quit today
Cut him short; I struck this nigga out when I pitched a K
It’s okay, lift and, hey, Duck Hunt: pistol play
It’s whatever. Put these two fours together, we’ll get him ate
Nah, give him one four, G; that’ll take half of Zone
Spread the word, I’m going Gettysburg when I battle Zone
I shatter bones, with black or chrome, leave no breathing
See, I’ma ask you man to man, where is Zone defense?
I’m sick with it; your men and them get the Thunder
Revolver spinning, what’s in it I’m sending into your stomach
Adrenaline get to pumping, the Smith-and ‘ll get to dumping
Toys ‘ll get to talking like Indian In the Cupboard
Take notes: why you wack, I’ma give them reasons
‘Cause when you rap all we see is Slim Jesus
And that’s your big weakness when you rhyme, holmes
Throw him in the Eastern Pacific; you got the time, Zone?
Zone time to go ’n die. You even sigh wrong
I’ll pull out what I’m speaking on like a iPhone
I’ll pull what I’m speaking on; think of Jadakiss
‘Cause everything you spitting is in question like the Why song
Go ‘head with the sneaking
Don’t make me go with the .44; if you give me a reason
I’ll take the clip out the .22, man, your head’ll be leaking
I won’t stop with the Emmett til you dead from a beating
This nigga sweeter than a milk dud;
Fuck him. I’ll put holes in him like a strip club
You big scrub. You seen what I did to Lynx, cuz?
This rapper dead, nigga, R.I.P. to Chinx Drugz
I’m so deadly; I’m cocking the chrome Desi
Then go nuts on the side of your face like Loe Pesci
What. I’m so deadly. I’m headed to see you
I’m walking dead up on a nigga, bitch; my Resident Evil
Your talk as cheap as your outfit. I’m ‘bout this
All you can do is piss me off ‘cause you ain’t ‘bout shit
Who vouch this? When I’m airing the pistol
Just hope your own head make it back to Maryland with you

[Round Three: DANJA ZONE]
This is what advancing up a tier look like. Keep looking
Cause this is also how Battler of the Year look, right?
Right. This a nigga ‘gainst enigma. I’ll murder, slay, slump him
My win(d)s up. Death, I’ll give this cat a gory one(category 1) like a hurricane coming
Fuck him. We’ll storm in like really bad weather
With niggas that’d split your shit
Off the strength of a simple hand gesture
With semis and hecklers
On the outside waiting to nail son like Winnie Mandela
When mill’s make him glide, that’s Wilkins and Drexler
Ricochet when it spray off you with the tan sweater
Then you, then the kid off the wall like he Willie Manchester
You good, I’m just a tad better. Seek Jesus' help
Lucky Ill ain’t keep clean and good health
Or else you’d be on the shelf
From the weigh-in, there’s no way in hell
This crip keeping the belt
What could you tell me for this L, B?
What’s on that skeleton that speaks for itself?
Give him heat til he melt. Grab the 9 and pop niggas
First Day, then Danny, now you?
I’m even sending shots at my niggas
That was fuego. Despite who I may know
I let that milli rock on any block, nigga
Speaking of Bloque niggas? We may be friends
But they gon speak on this battle with Jerry Douglas
And Danja then
Say J.D. lost that bitch like Janet left Jermaine again
Damn it, I came to win, and he’s still waiting on magician bars
Magic under the illusion his shit is hard, which is odd
Pick a card, any card. I got a casket for you
How you saw the box and have the gall with this facade?
Now I gotta disappear and act like fuck it, after I get him gone
If he pulled a rabbit out his hat
It’s still no way he would’ve won
But why lie(voila)?
I’d be got tier if this shit was about classics
Be real, this shit ain’t ‘bout skill, it’s ‘bout status
You had Danja, rocking tie without slacking
And skill got killed by MD like malpractice
What round did you win?
I’m punching your lights out
You don’t even know the round that you’re in
But I’m off that. You just a floor mat at The Format
So before you even mention a nigga, say “where your bars at?”

[Round 3: B MAGIC]
This is where you rest in peace;
A motherfucker can die from these bars, and you next to see
Get your cake up, bitch, I’ll hit your chest with steams
Too many counting on your pen; we need a referee
You ever seen Harlem Nights? Well bet a G
That I won’t fight a nigga quick like Della Reese
And whoever’s sleeping on me can get the heat;
That’ll wake up everybody like Teddy P
Tell him we outside, posted up with the heavy Glocks
Cut a nigga throat, then drag him bleeding for seven blocks
Hit this nigga ten times, but he was gone by the second shot
I hit him from the blind side like Fetty Wap
What, you ain’t catch it? Well I ain’t gonna repeat the shit
Planet of the Apes: this monkey gon get his Caesar hit
Arms out when I ride past like he need a lift
You’ll get thirty out the rocket: that’s Kenny Smith
That’s old school; king Magic come to claim the throne
Don’t worry walking through this so-called danger zone
Banging chrome with the fifth on my waist;
This rapper get send to god on a mission with Mase
All right, stop it with the tough act. Okay Danja, fuck that
I throw bullets down in(end) Zone ’til it touchback
How you feel that you’re getting killed with the rough draft?
Slug him, and slug him in the same spot where the slug at
Hold up. Let me roll up. This pound hold ‘bout forty shots
Nigga, a freezer won’t the reason this forty pop
Big strap. This is 50. Hit him from forty blocks
Or get the Thrill of getting knocked down with this 40 Glocc
Yo, this nigga gon see stars
Getting whipped for a couple of bands like cheap cars
Next nigga don’t give me my space gon see Mars
You got a xanny flow: you put niggas to sleep with these bars
Your flow as cheap as your outfit. I’m ‘bout this
All you can do is piss me off ‘cause you ain’t ‘bout shit
Who vouched this? When I’m airing the pistol
Just hope your own head make it back to Maryland with you
I told ‘em once: these motherfuckers scared
I’m from the motherfucking Lou
That’s how a motherfucker play it
Beat me? Can you believe what this motherfucker said?
You must've slipped, fell
And bumped your motherfucking head

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