Black Knights - Punishment [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Black Knights
Album: The Swarm
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Mathematics
Tekst: Holocaust, Doc Doom, Crisis, Christbearer, Meko the Pharaoh

Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Holocaust]
Holocaust, Punishment
West Coast Killa Beez
Yo, yo, yo, yo
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

[Verse 1: Holocaust]
From the hells of the Pacific I bring fury and anger
Stabbing devils in the chest with a rusty pirate ship anchor
Bloody sand we command and conquer wasted land
Then expand the regions undiscovered by modern man
Body counts increase by thousands by the hour
The sniper gone berserk blastin' shots from the water tower
Absorbin' energy from the Sun, MCs run
My brain bursts light that blows chunks outta you lungs
Blood on the pavement, crews gaze in amazement
I was doing that to niggas who test me on the slave ship
We sell tapes and stage jail breaks for past cell mates
Murder you at Hell's Gate, daring bitches to yell "rape!"
And pale face gets hollow points, I swallow joints
With romantic charisma that'll make your momma moist
My voice ensemble of bullets rip through your squadron
Circulate the planets swoop back you better dodge 'em
Or get opened up like a margin, brutal sergeant
Crisis should've warned you, I never missed a target
The living weapon, war machine barbarian, king
Relentless, remorseless, guiltless and unclean
Also the sources supreme of my team
Black Knight brigade peels caps like tangerines
Holocaust the hypnotic, psychotic, sub-atomic
Psychopathic, hyperactive, but attractive, alcoholic

[Hook: Crisis]
We bring nothing but punishment
Black Knights we runnin' shit
Have 'em runnin' quick
Uppercuts is what we coming with
Fuck the government
I grab the mic, that's when the thunder hits
Never love a bitch
Rhymes echo throughout the dungeon pits

Verse 2: Christbearer

Something from my culture
I stay to harmony
The way of life that best suits me
I sincerely love Allah's mathematics
Freedom and raw, The Abbott
I rest within the square
Which is 4 times 90, why niggas choose dare?
The dominant intelligence
99 elements we're offspring celibate
Without knowledge life's irrelevant
I wrote the benevolent (Wu-Tang eminent)

Verse 3: Doc Doom

I bring lyrics to existence
When I speak these powerful words
Increase the pandimoni' the wargod has emerged
Above sea-level that's when thunder rolls
And lightning strike down atrocity
Let it poor acid rain upon your compound chaotically
The Black Knights we move robotically
Lyrically perform lobotomy on your biology a prodigy
A philosophy and theology, my ideology's to break down
MC's down microscopically
The ghetto tropically gettin' more hectic by the second
Ghetto warfare, stray bullets hurl through intersections
And hit kids cause niggas spit wigs with no precautions
The wargod raise em down from their grave to haunt your concious
With bloody screams nightmares and bloody dreams
Of niggas haunting you through dark alleyways
Through missing smoke screen
Have you tweaking like a crack fiend
On high beam like Christine
The lords rain supreme


Verse 4: Meko the Pharaoh

I'm original [?]
With metaphor dominant intelligence
I give a nigga a hardcore detention with his
Northstar invention
I must mention, I be creeping with the intention
To break free from this evil mad society
Don't lie to me
I'm dope, I scope stuff I like a telescope
To provoke from being choked
Cause my ability is so live
It lets me open up your insides
And men hide
Not from confusion with this high energy I'm using
Steady calculatin' and moving
Through the abyss where snakes hiss
And many men get pissed for following false elements
For following false elements

(repeat last line 2x)

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