Black Rob - Can I Live [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Black Rob
Album: Life Story
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: The Mad Rapper

Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Jadakiss]
Uh yeah, yeah, what what, yeah yeah, yeah, what, yeah, what
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

[Verse 1: Jadakiss]
Yo this is a monopoly, niggas ain't stoppin' me
And we can't lose cuz Puff set us up properly
Just won't settle for lesser, who wanna test us
We be in the 5 with the goose headrests
LOX put niggas under pressure
You shoulda knew that, it's always them new cats that'll get ya
Better start looking at things from my angle
I'm trying to be up on the board with a triangle
Next to my name with a ten or a twenty
Now that's when you really can say you getting money
But right now all I do is sit back and listen
To a wise young man that quickly became a rich one
Put me up on the fact that it ain't hard to get some
Chips if I just keep writing with ambition
Then I get an advance from the five to the six and
House with two kitchens, diamonds, plenty women
Built-in pool to swim in
But the plan is to start from the floor and raise it up
Then you hit em in the head 'til your days is up
You blazing what, playboy you frail and butt
You know when Bad Boy drops, all your sales is cut

[Hook: Black Rob]
Can I Live, no one man can stop me
Can I Live, no front-line can block me
Can I Live, its enough base for all of us
Can I Live, without the names they calling us
Can I Live, no one man can stop me
Can I Live, no front-line can block me
Can I Live, or do I gatta bring it to these kids
Can I Live, if I don't live nobody live

[Verse 2: Styles P]
Time is money, money is power so I'm sour
22 feeling like I've wasted every hour
Of my life, shoulda been had a million in ice
High as a kite, feeling the flight, turbulence
Once in a blue moon I had a dream of fly shit
Hanglide to the Alps with this fly chick
Condo in Fresno with the lesbo
And the honey that she hit know how to stretch blow
They know that I'm Styles they respect the flow
Why don't y'all let a nigga live and help him make a decimal
Truth will set you free what will a lie do
Niggas say I'm God but I be gettin' high too
Can't love the money like the niggas beside you
Cause when the paper gone, you gon' slide too
Niggas wanna ball, but got to fall to rise
While the world spins around they wanna stall they eyes
Close they ears my nose makes me oppose my fear
Cuz I can smell hell
Before I sell rat I'll catch a shell farewell
Niggas will never tell
Their man that I was pussy
Unless they got a gun, and I ain't got one, I might let you push me


[Verse 3: Sheek]
I pray to God to promise me, before I see the pearly gates
To let my whole team be straight, mansion no Section 8
Putting pressure so that I can make this bed
Got two mattresses now all I need is the spread
With like four pillows so my seeds can rest their heads
You think platinum is enough, nah Sheek want more
Trying to sell more than Tickle me Elmo in the store
Italian cuisine, Linguin while my diamonds like-SHING
So when I move at night-time you might think it's light-NING
Just throw me the ball once and I'll tell you no lie
Shiek gonna show you money, like Jerry McGuire
It's a thug thing, LOX product thing, conducting
Anything for chips while you sit and blab your lips
In the restaurant taking tips while Sheek on trips
Logos on our ships bustin' at the eclipse
While im pissy, spittin' up Crissy in the water
But you can do that for money, when 100's like a quarter


[Verse 4: Black Rob]
This is to my AK totas, money bill foldas
Bambin soldiers, whips wit big motors
On the low for years, the Feds can't decode us
We bust rounds, all you gotta do is load us
My night time prowlers, and grimey after hours
Karl Kani, Mumalo wear, Eddie Bauers
Flippin cake niggas, who strip and take niggas
Upstate niggas, my Crystal Lake niggas
We gonna hold it down if we gotta shake niggas
And make niggas do what we say, or break niggas
Survival of the fittest, it ain't me cause I did it
Now you see me shinin 2 mill with my diamonds
And I owe it all to hard grindin
Don't mean I'm gonna stop climbin, 9-9, it's good timin
I salute my thugs, who rock
With the drugz and switch gunz, and pay 30 thou for the slum
Make it happen, I swear to God if I don't make it rappin
I'm clappin, extortin, and robbin niggz cribs and contactin
Can I live


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