Boogie Down Productions - Ya Strugglin' [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Boogie Down Productions
Album: Edutainment
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Sample: Kwame Toure']
Africans in America try to identify
Totally with their master in every respect
They are the only ones who can not do it
But they are the ones who will go to all extremes to do it
[laughing] (CHECK IT OUTL) [then laughing some more]
They can not be disguised
But they will attempt to disguise themselves

[Verse One: KRS-One]
I'm on a search, not for a car or a miniskirt
But the words I wish to exert
Will hurt, damage or upset the ego
You wanna be macho, yeah, but we know the deal
Jheri curls just ain't gettin it
KRS-One is only down for pickin' it
Pick the afro, need no Soul Glo
Or Carefree Curls, that's just a no-no
Where oh where, are all the real men
The feminine look seems to be the trend
You got eyeliner on, chillin' and maxin'
See you're a man with a spine extraction
So what I'm askin' is plain to see
Are there any straight singers in R&B?
All I see, is the light-skinned buffy
Tryin hard, to be Mr. Tuffy
Yet in fact, you're Mr. Softie
With the beige contacts on, yo you lost me
I ain't with it, never will, never have
How can your son even call you dad?
Your skin is bleached and your nails you just buffin'
Take a look at yourself man, YA STRUGGLIN'

[Sample: Kwame Toure']
Africa is so strong, that once she puts a stamp on you
Four hundred years of cold weather, death
And all that fryin' your hair shall not disguise you
As a matter of fact, she is so strong
That no matter what chemicals you put in your hair
She will come back and snatch it up
[audience laughter]

[Verse Two: KRS-One]
Tell me
Are you proud man, of who you are?
Or does your pride come out of a jar
Cause if you bought it, put it on, or sprayed it on
I tell you right now, it won't stay long
Cause if it ain't natural, it ain't kosher
It's like buyin' and wearin' a culture
If that culture ain't yours naturally
It's his, not yours, actually
You better wake up and smell the coffee
Look in the mirror and think Mr. Softie
People change, when they are ashamed
Of how they look or from which they came
Are you ashamed, of original black?
If you're not, why does your hair look like that?
Why is your nose straighter, from surgery?
I think you're really in a state of emergency
You're not sane to the African aim
So you're insane, and you need to obtain
ANY, average rap album sculpture
And study it, JUST, to learn your culture
Even though, you don't think it's music
It's the blackest you'll EVER get so use it
The blue-eyed black man to me is buggin
Take a look at yourself man, YA STRUGGLIN'

[Sample: Kwame Toure']
[audience laughter]
Yess.. capitalism will confuse these people, have them totally confused
They will try every way to identify with their masters, every way
Go to extreme lengths [laughter], I'm telling you, seriously!
Capitalism will confuse them y'know tell them the truth's a lie
I saw a sister the other day and I spoke to her about her hair
She said, "I don't care what you say, I'm still gonna get my perm!"
I told her, "It's not a perm, it's a temporary"
[audience laughter]
Try in every possible way to identify..

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