Bop Alloy - New Dawn [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Bop Alloy
Album: Another Day in the Life of​.​.​.
Data wydania: 2014-04-08
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1]
Boy meets girl then they start dating
Love grows quickly though they’re patient
Kindred Spirits, no relation
Bond was strong before relations
Trouble soon come... will they make it
Ignored it’s allure, didn’t embrace it
She brought joy, he’s so gracious
Rarely does an angel grace us
With their presence, he presents ring
Their ain’t nothing like his everything
Though they’re awesome on their own
Would’ve been hard to make it alone
Bought a house love made it a home
Thoughts of a little one filled their dome
Before their new child came to be
Nothing could’ve prepared’em for the change they’d see
Now they’re fussing & fighting everyday it seems
Becoming further divided by the pain it brings
Sharing comments that are rather unsavory
Disrespected his partner quite blatantly
Both of them grew tired of living aimlessly
Cause they knew in their heart this ain’t the way to be
Few are competent enough to rally gracefully
But everybody fights for the thing they need!!!
And he needed her
Like she needed him and their baby needed them
So they made it work
Might’ve started with coals, Ended up with gems

And just when you thought it was over
We start over
Baby hold up
A brand new day is closer
Will you show up
Or fold up

[Hook 2]
Gotta crawl before you stand and
Walk before you run
Though the fall’s not part of the plan fam
It doesn’t have to mean you’re done
‘Cause everyday is a fresh start
Reset, refresh, renew!!!
And you know what’s the best part
It all comes down to you!!!

[Verse 2]
Voice meets beat while they were taping
Trekked far east where ears were waiting
Friend links beatsmith with MC
To mesh fresh vocals to sick beats
After being was flown overseas
He was in studio 5 days a week
No idea that they’d complete
Something that touched souls with this LP
They would fight as much as he’d write
Trying to find compromise every night
Creative differences severed their bond
Not before creating over 30 songs
Good eclipsed the bad that started to unfurl
When they shared the music they had with the world
Love songs, helping to spread the Hikari
Like City Lights when the night isn’t starry
Ain’t No Happy Endings to finish up this story
Sub still Blessing it, Nujabes went to glory
Home Sweet Home but the music lives on
Through the peeps that Think different and stand on they own
Like a young talented producer that came along
3 years prior, with fire and desire to make a song
Good vibes and the beats were strong
Sky the limit from the minute that our team was born

[Hook 1 + 2]

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