Carlos Bryan - Heavy Thoughts [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Carlos Bryan
Album: Started:Black-ON-White (Mixtape)
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro to verse 2]

See my mind is also fill with things
Worries, unanswered questions
I'm always infatuated of learning more
The mind is an incredible part of your body
And your lucky I'm showing you mine

[Verse 2: Carlos Bryan]

My mind is where she will always be,nightmare dreams is when she always leave
So she left, 18 opportunity just came in
I had a vision, I predicted money clothes and hoes
And let me tell you , I feel it coming, niggas close
Dreams nigga, what i alwyas had
Cause when you was planning your weekend
I converted king when I started my dreaming, avoided the drown so I didn't go swimming
Y'all find me offensive, I'm really kinda offended
Cause i ain't do shit
Compare your bum ass rhymes, with my basic lines
Haha, maybach sitting in my parking lot
What up mercedes, what up my ladies
Am I your prince charming, cause I see you waiting
I'm getting dimes, you getting nickels, I'm just making riddles, taking your girl home, ohh look at her skittles
Shawty got potential, I could be her sponsor, met her last summer, and since, she's been stuck in my mind she should be flattered
,but she ain't telling me anything, even though i told her, but its waterer right Miz
(yea you know)
Learned lives a bitch so I'm learning how to fuck it, shooting my name, like melo with his buckets
Syrup in the cup, cup in its holster
To dope, put me in the roster
I'm the king from queens
I'm at the bottom but not to deep
Making my rhymes so sick y'all thought I was infectet
Hit you with punchlines, that can't be deflected
I killed this verse,made sure its dead
Talking shit, I ain't give a fuck, go cry instead

This shit for the Heavy thoughts in the mind
Farwel from yours truly Crizzy and Miz
Started: Black on White mixtape coming soon

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