Catch Lungs - Gotta Kill This [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Catch Lungs

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Catch Lungs]
Energizer bunny pounding on your eardrums
My serum complete with all that you are in fear of
Appearing like my friend, but really you're smoke and mirror
Your girl's pigtails handlebars, I'm Dave Mirra
And pour a drip on her cake like grey syrup
Attack fate, I'm brave, Aaron Hank, make hitter
Grape sipper, the drank clank, I cheer up
Patience, I hate waiting in vain
I'm so country, I love playing in deer guts
Faggot rappers throw up, you just appear tough
Ear muffs, Child's Play, Chucky on some weird stuff
On some weird drugs plotting on some real butts
Like (cha-ching, cha-ching)
My golden samurai swing like (sha-shing, sha-shing)
Good weed ? blowing sting sour, these reeked
Only board game I play ouija with G.O.D
303 reppin this magic, I'm blastin B.O.B
Weezin off the greenest green, growin ch-ch-chia P
Slangin all for me some gs, cheese on my pizza please
For the long haul, making it the reason being

When my family and life on the line
Grind overtime, money on my mind (gotta kill this shit)
My little cousin needs a heart transplant
I ain't broke compared to all that crap (gotta kill this shit)
My little sister got a blood test pending
For that paper, I'm cold as a penguin (gotta kill this shit)
Bearer of burdens, success is the recipe
Gotta kill this shit til the death of me

[Verse 2: Danny Brown]
I'm Doctor King with a wet dream
I'm hungover, waking up to models in a sex swing
Dead ringer thought a guy to slap molly latrina
You take the Pasadena but I use my middle finger
My teeth like Mileena
But I still got this ho wetter than marinas
Used to eat falinas, now it's crab cake
With bitches lookin like Gina, with threesomes with Pam
Damn, whoever thought I had you niggas vomiting
Sicker than a motherfucker, pockets hold hundreds
Arab bitch suck it til she get all the hummus
Remind me of that bitch that used to host Teen Summit
Same niggas frontin', I'm the reason why they plummet
Your bitch walkin funny cause she felt it in her stomach
My dick was on her bucket list
But I would never fuck with her, only be for the fuck of it
Danny brown bitch, fuck with it
Bust a nut on her booty, call that shit baby sitting
Difference between me and you: I get sucked for being me and it just sucks to be you


[Verse 3: Donny Goines]
Killing shit, mass murderer
Black burglar, steal a scene, rap's Coppola
Francis, score says he war ready, Sun Tzu
Fuck you, balls heavy, score dead, whatever my lungs spew
Hypothetically, high from methazine, higher pedigree, top dog, go and ask Kendrick
J-Cole slash J Hov, but my bank roll
Something like A$AP, rappin for them pesos
Play their cards and dealt got an ace flow
Got the whole crowd yelling encore
Style muy bueno
Late night get that Stewie Leno
Take a second think about it, we about it, Master P
Uh, motherfuckers are underwater the flows overhead
Catch a beast, Danny Brown make you fly niggas look like hand-me-downs
Black on, mass ?
Arthur, architect penthouse
Arch your neck, ?
Fortune, porcelain, decor, record the thoughts of ?
The combination of course absorb the more
Tales from the crypt, bitch!

[Verse 4: Catch Lungs]
Expealidocious, your recipe out of focus
Neglect the amounts I roll with, your neck feast I'm chowing on it
For breakfast a last cigar, while I'm restless counting bars
If you're next to me bowing ?, you got ecstasy chow it all us
? at the mall, I see red leaking out of yall.....
Now I'm licking my lips drooling
I'm walking with a limp since this pistol is hip to them
I ate too many mushrooms now my differential is skewered
Mr. hit me up I move with ? I'm McDuck and Scroogin
And swimming through my fuckin pool of hundreds, don't know what I'm doing
You think that you the shit? fuck you and who you came with
I'm killing everything in my path, fuck an aim shit
Slaying with my language, language
Your shit is so cheesy, straight grated, grated
Heart piercing specialist won't you face it, tragus
I had the 20/20 plus, I got the latest Lasic

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