Catt - Young Money [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Catt
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Def Lab Studio

Tekst piosenki

..."3 It sounds like its working *laughs* okay I'm ready

Verse 1:
I can't mention dollas, cause I don't have any
I want to change the world pity-pocket change of penny
And plenty on the pauper, I'm not proper for the pop
To be a pop princess, that dream will never stop
I want to have a castle, but I'm too much of a hassle
Yo I don't believe in hustle
Taught myself to rap without a gangsta muscle
I'm too weak to be a thug
Cause I like to bake cookies and give everyone a hug
I'm patting on the glitter and I'm reppin' Hello Kitty
Its time to copycat Minaj and say I'll sign a titty
I'll be signed to her committee
I want a record label
C-a-Double-T is stuck under the table
And Nicki's sitting stable, comfy in a chair
On a pedestal in my mind it isn't fair
I suffer from depression underneath the desk
Want to turn the furniture, tsh I'm just a mess
In "Itty Bitty Piggy" she wins and I lose
Then her laughter at the end I pretend it doesn't bruise
If shes a Barbie, does that make me Ken?
The fact we both rap is a huge comparison
Only thing we have in common, and its embarrassin'
People gonna rate me two, and she will get a ten
Two is for the peace she'll get ten for both your hands
She is just a legend do whatever she commands
I respect that gimmick
The phobia I have is being called her mimic
Or you think ima' diss her
Wheres my cherry chap stick, cause I think I'm finna kiss her
I want to touch her butt
Honestly the truth it is speaking from my gut
Yeah I freaking love her
For years I kept it secret and used hating as a cover
I was jealous to my core
Only way to sell this is you buy the fact I'm poor
Not as fortunate as her unfortunately
Don't get it mixed up I'm a good sport you see
I want to join the team
Not for the wealthy cause, it cuz they live the dream

Young Money Young Money you don't have to raise me
The competition in this game is a little crazy
I'm afraid that I won't make it
I'm seeing other rappers spots and trying not to take it
I'll build my territory
Young Money Young Money not in the story

Verse 2:

I can’t mention paper unless it’s with a pen
Want to change the universe without a purse again
I’m plenty on the poor; I pour soda and sing pop
To be a pop princess that dream is on the top
I want to have a kingdom, yeah those songs I could have singdom'
But it sucked when they were sang
So I taught myself to rhyme and flow with a little slang
Yeah I’ll never be hood
And since I’m not ghetto I get misunderstood
I’m putting on my hope for my hip-hop title
Since I can’t sing I’m not American Idol
My talents homicidal, rhymes are always killin’
If Nicki is a rap hero, then I am a villain
I see her booty chillin' on another nomination
She puts the word bomb in the word abomination
Yeah my confession is I constantly complain
About my competition cause we are not the same
In “Moment 4 life” Nicki is a King
In my own life I’m not anything
If she’s a Barbie, then I’m a teddy bear
Hug people like I’m famous though I’m not already there
I’m trying to hold steady when people will compare
Petty similarities I wish we didn't share
Nickis not the reason I ever got started
Before I even heard of her my lyrics were wholehearted
I respect her success
But being called her copycat puts me under stress
I’m not an understudy
I hate being a hater; I’d rather be a buddy
I’m one of a kind
Honestly the truth music’s on my mind
I should elaborate
Me and Minaj should collaborate
It would be a nice feature
I could take advice like she is a teacher
Since I have less, yeah I should get a lesson
Hope the outcomes a studio session
With the hip-hop queen
Its time to get focused and chase my own dream

(Repeat Chorus)

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