Ceaser - Eye of Horus [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Ceaser
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Lunatic

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Ceaser]
Raised by desire, to make tracks fire
Tell whoever told you i ain't live hard that he liar
My brother facing ten in then pen, and deportation
Lets face it, we saw it coming when he lit that facie
Couples tracks in im tempted to throw this towel in
Fat lady howling only been an hour in
Yea... yea nigga i ain't cowerin'
Being realistic can't compete with what these bowels spit
These bowels spit, that coward shit
That stuff about bitches and they money clips
Never raised around that, i grew up cartoons and cereal
My bars will burn your ass like its venereal
Imperial child... grew up such a misfit
I misfit, real different from these other kids
Grew up a little different, grew up a little differt
While everyone was piffin' i just heard my gears shiftin'
Crying over splinters always told to quit my bitching
I'd retire right now but i ain't guaranteed a pension
Looking through dimensions of my psyche as it shifts
Share the name of palaces residing on the strip (uhh)
Residing on the strip (uhh)
Residing on the strip (uhh)

[Verse 2: Ozzie $u$pect]
No interjection in this complex intervention
So you shouldn't second guess it when you enter the selection
See this skin is my complexion, the sin is my recession
When i step into the section you should stop asking questions
Determined niggas with intention to serve the O-P-S lesson
Talking shit? that's what I'm guessing bust your ass just get to stepping
Chucks to your dome, you know i bang the mic its just my weapon
Intimidation... seeing this recreation
Bitch niggas on that gay shit, today its just the same shit
Bitches on that lame shit, my niggas lacking patience
In fake rappers, save your lyrics have your brain disintegrated
Can't comprehend the ink and pen, make me feel discriminated
Till the top immersion, always saying we gone make it
So that time will come niggas trust, OP$ and Ozzie SuS
Rapping shit is such a curse, fucking up and spitting worse
Like if i don't deserve to right to find me in a hearse
Off course above the dirt at the gate of heavens feet
Thank Allah for watching me, something like a giving tree
Maybe this is what i need man appropriate assumptions
My bros causing destruction, fake rappers are just destructive (uhh)
This real shit that i spit man i swear i almost quit
When my bros acting bitch on something
I need something to be inspired by
This the type of shit you can't quit unless you fired right?
Yea you see me that's that dollar sign on the rise (OP-FUCKING-MONEY SIGN)
Back on my shit but really i never left tho
You can guess i changed my flow, rapping with my chest
To evade and be the best in this small ass city
OP$ shit and that shit sounding gritty

[Verse 3: Rah Rah]
Yeah life begins to crumble in the palm of my hands
Great destruction? are you unable to function say something
If it gets to quiet OP$ starts riots continue with the silence
We commence the violence, bow down onto your highness
Disrespect i can't put that behind us yall too blind
Defined as lyrical abomination, no time wasted
Two faced people mad racist tell em back outta my face, man
Watch as i sip without chasers
I'll erase ya fast like cheetahs im no repeater i'll say it once
You're amongst vicious savages that'll induce damages
Shock you, and bandages won't work, bones you got out won't work
Couple cuts to your shirt, mess around get put down guaranteed
Money is a main priority and indeed chicks intrigued by us
I don't need that i don't care about negative feedback
I do me and if they say screw face wrap em barbed
Empty the can-tine, throw match throwbacks
Don't fall off track the mac come out the knapsack
In these streets i can't have no fear bullets ripping past ya hair
Daily its so crazy, so many babies buried just for the money, ain't nothing funny
Rest in peace to lost loved soles and chicks going up and down poles
Future broken before the present ever met
Moments you won't forget flaming any threat defeat enemies and lethal sets
Feening for my sound like nicotine cigarette, cigarette, cigarette

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