Center Of Attention - Bender (Kansas City All-Star Remix) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Center Of Attention
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

Drinking for three days, some might say I’m on a bender
Get a bad chick back to the crib, then I bend her (Over!)
Play my shit on replay cuz I’m colder than December
“Pard no”, we don’t need no sleep, we keep it rolling off this liquor
On a
Bender, Bender, Bender, What? [x3]
I take this bottle to the head, just might drink till I’m dead, I’m on my
Bender, Bender, Bender, What? [x3]
We don’t need no sleep, we keep it rolling off this liquor

[Verse 1 – KJ]
Remix and I’m still faded
Bad bitch is still penetrated
I prefer the whiskey but I’m shooting Jager
At the bar, two hoes, looking like a player
Bitch I am your father like Darth Vader
She wanna lick on my lightsaber
The pipe layer, I’ll be damned if I chase her
Bitch you cold? I’m an icebreaker
Gotta drink a whole pint ‘fore you get to the bar
12 more shots, let ‘em know who you are
Can’t even talk straight, but the dick’s still hard
And then I cut the pussy right, leavin the clit with a scar
I’m flipping the bar like you taught each other, bitch in half
Cops wanna press but I hit the gas
Smash fast like a virgin cat gettin ass
Say that I’m tripping but I’m having a blast
COA, we piss out liquor, got your bitch doing tricks while wet like flipper
Pull it right out her twat go straight to her kisser
Then go to the stall and piss out a river
Drink so much I don’t have no liver
Only thing I would give her is some bubble gum
151, Malibu rum, that pineapple juice, if you from the town then you know what's up
Bona fide sluts wanna roll with us
Drink enough liquor to make a nun wanna fuck
Now I’m in the club with a bottle of bub, and then I pour it on my head
They be thinking I’m nuts
Remix bitch y’all know what’s up, COA been killing shit
Smashed every shot that a nigga been passed, got the whole city on this bender BITCH!

[Verse 2 – Tech N9ne]
Imma drink my drinks all night till the bartender yell “timber”
Then I get up and I’m telling all the people “look at me and all my splendor”
1 shot of Jimmy and Johnny, Jack and Jose enters
And I do about 7 of them, with everybody at the bar but nobody remembers
On top of that, pop a molly, she’s gosh and golly, but was hopping hottie
I be naughty, come up in the starless lobby, but if you call me slob
I’m roar and brawling, like Ali, I just wanna toss your body
You boss a lolly, popping across my jolly
Grim giant, have a nigga lobster prolly, begin flying
You would lick me often mommy
I say I won’t drink no mo, the next day waking up in slow-mo
But when the homies come over Imma sho go, up in the happy hour to drink more yo
Like a do-do, Caribou Lou, that’ll do you, have a nigga in blue yelling “Su'Wu”
That’d be something to make em have a booboo, super dramatic
You put it away then drinkin “Yoo-Hoo”
This gon be yo day, I got chips like frito-lay, and I’m buying
She gon say she wanna fuck Tech and COA
She want our members in her, but we drunk as fuck and driving
Sexist slander, hope we don’t have no fender bender!

[Verse 3 – thePhantom*]
I’m so drunk that I might fuck her even if I’m kin to her
I’m swerving, put it in the hole like Julius Irving
I can’t really feel my nerve endings, who the fuck is serving drinks?
I would like a ‘drother nink’
Just threw up in the sink and busted a nut on a pair of triple D’s
Why you got to put the phantom after Tech
I be the killer with the realest so I’m after bath
Mac, cuz everybody with me coming after sex laugh
And even on a bender you can have the rest
Pray your mom, make em put their hands up like Panama
Dammit I pull up to the club
And then I stand in line, wanna be favorite, but you know I’m on a bender
They won’t hinder the snake when I slither
Get getter, make dividends, take feminist’s virginity, silly me
I be killing every list lyrically
When you’re talkin bout the Phantom and you're talking about infinity
Fuck let me dumb it down
Scratch that Imma blast past half ass mother fuckers playing grab ass
Wanna stash cash, you would think I'm on a cash grab
All I want is fucking tonic and a fat ass

[Verse 4 - Mac Lethal]
Pull up on you in a stone white mothership
To bestow my punishment
I swear to god that I'm killing every motherfucker
Up in Kansas City with my lyrics and I don't write none of it
I heard your album, I don't like none of it, except that part where it ends
So Imma leave the bar with your friends
And if you come you gotta hold my other dick
I hit up Dutch Newman on Twitter
He brought a ho to my house and I made her cry like Dutch Newman on Twitter
I'm bigger than the biggest, uh-oh shots fired (Blue-Blue)
I'm on a bender with the genocide, I take your head like a hoop to
Ooh-Ooh, I'm cuckoo
I got more youtube views than you do, I got more youtube views than you too
So 1-2, its a 2 live crew, Never gonna find another 2 like me
I rip Beyonce's pussy like Blue Ivy, then I go to jail for two lifees
Then I dip, then i dip-dip, Like Dirk Diggler, baby girl this a big dick
And I'm looking like a dipstick, gonna chip yo hips, spit-spit on your lipstick
I am looking for a bitch with a pussy hole to split
That'll do the tootsie roll for me and [?]

[Verse 5 - Irv Da Phenom]
Ok I'm on a bender, whatever's in that pitcher, gone it
Pour it in my cup because I'm running out of liquor
Or Imma do the fool, Yea Imma do the fool
I wet my whistle like I just got through swimming round in the pool
What we drinking tonight? nigga I don't give a fuck
If it's 50 proof or better then I'm with whatever bruh
Even wine is fine, I drink until I'm blind
We gon talk about tonight like "you remember that one time?"
You was dancing with that big girl, and I think you took her home
Off of grey goose, and Newvo, and 8 shots of Patron
Turn a booger-whoop to a model, and a riverdog to a 10
Drink a vitamin water and then I do it all again, I'm on a bend!

[Verse 6 - JL of B.Hood]
Ay, how you doing over there
You know it’s a party going on if you aren’t aware
Plenty of liquor, marijuana smoke in the air
Superstar status created the atmosphere
Gotta keep the moving though, too popular to be stagnate
It’s popping but we hopping around a follower magnet
Then wanna get an autograph, and come meet the niggas you haven't
Hope that it is everything that you ever imagined
Pool full of liquor, got high and dived in it and survived
Motherfuckers have died trying it, since 5 Friday
Liver fried and I did it
This whole time closed my eyes for 5 minutes
Anything anybody handed, I drank it
Gonna regret it in the morning if I make it
I know my limitation, I’m faded
But yo this ain’t it, gonna probably take a couple of more to make a statement
DIBKIS nigga, y'all know me, skinny light-skinned nigga with the KOD
I got an asian wife, doing it major like I was already signed by him make you believe that I’m the future
Sitting with us, you need a booster
Spitting the stuff, sick as fuck, then we unloose her
Sipping the cup, smoke a blunt cuz I'm a user
About to beat it up like I physically abuse her


[Verse 7 - Joey Cool]
Now I was on that bender, so I can't remember
I was on 2, got a little dismembered
Never been a big spender, but I surrendered
Our bottles of bubbly popping, nigga take a picture
Come and give it to me straight, I don't really want a mixer
But lately I'm a dick, Imma take her home and fix her
Saying I'm a forty, I'm serving and I'm a victor
Welcome to the cool life, Everybody enter
Tell me where the cash at, you should wear a hat spat
You smoke? Just a bit, nigga pass that
Get a couple shares, I fill it up with the sticky
This is how we do it, we party in Killer City
You know what I say, They drinking all through the day
Work ain't always time to play, somebody make way
I'm tryna get to the bar, Mixing some [?] and making some J
Cool it!

[Verse 8 - Dutch Newman]
Yea, I'm on a bender bitch, double fist with my niggas on my DIBKIS shit
Got a pool full of liquor that I'm swimming with
Michael Phelps of Westport, getting ignorant
I got a bag of Amsterdam with a bad ass bitch
Said she hailed all the way from Switzerland
At the bar with the power circle and the only way that you getting in
Is with a membership
Ha, Ha, I hit up Mac Lethal on Twitter
He invited me over to his house and then I made him make me dinner
Everything is better on a bender, and all my niggas gettin wavy
Miley twerking on my dick so hard that her daddy's heart got achy-breaky

[Verse 9 - Yung Stylez]
I got a couple straps, now I'm feeling fucked up
Like I'm back with the clique, but fuck yea, we winning
I don't stop drinking to the room starts spinning
(I don't stop drinking to the room starts spinning)
Got a case full of beer, and I'm full of liquor
And unlimited to drink, We ain't fucking with a bender
I need to ask, because your head is hurting
What's a hangover, never stop swerving

[Verse 10 - Yung Prez]
Like woah, Imma get fucked up
Boy I'm getting bummy
People ask what I'm on, I say that's mad dog 20/20
Me and my nigga's getting dummy, Twisted up off the sticker
Imma get a bad bitch and bend her over, and make that ho surrender, Bender!

[Verse 11 - Godemis]
These dudes want to hate on me, what the fuck am I, a black ginger?
My dick go hard, balls to the wall on y'all, too fit for that gender
I'm gonna be wavy with a big baby, maybe blowing the cylinder
I'm the center of attention, did I fail to mention I'm on a bender?
Who's that broad, cuff her hands, Slap that bitch, cut off her pants
Excuse my niche, but I'm in a trance (Hahaha)
I'm just saying
Eat shit it's Strange Music, and these idiots want to bang to it
I done peeped them peepin', tryna creep in, reaching
Little weaklings can't do it
In a minute with a betty, and I bet she suck and fuck for a cup of KC Tea
And whenever she thinks she's ready I'm flexing, Karma Sutra, A to Z
Cut but I pay no fees, came in the bus and the bitches straight on me
I'm like you're welcome for the service now would a bitch just do-re-me
With a head full of molly, could I be any sicker, sober be set on this liquor
In the Midi it's the Killer City, we swilling and filling up another pitcher
You know it's no fun if the homies ain't willing to sticker, flick a picture
After all I'm in need of some evidence of it so I can have something to send her
Of the bender!


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