Cerberus - Overnight Sensation [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Cerberus
Data wydania: 2014-01-01
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Silas

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1:Cerberus]

My love for hip hop, started back when I was twelve
Had Big Poppa's greatest hits album up on my shelf
Listened to it religiously
Tried to write just as good as Biggie
In an effort to be as ill as he
But I couldn't
At first I was terrible
Then I grew over the years
Now Im barely bearable
Ive grown
And know the rules to this game
Yesterday I didn't know what to use as a name
Thats crazy
I guess thats what the feeling is
Seems like time flies by on the wings of the wind
Now Im 16 with 16's as dope as the sistine
Thinking about my name in lights and my face on the big screen
The thought alone just give me shivers
Like what happens to swimmers
When they first step out of rivers
I plan to be bigger
Than Wallace, Rios, and Lamont
Looking my future in the face screaming gimme all you got


If I could
I'd like to be
A great big movie star
Overnight sensation
Overnight sensation
Drive a big expensive car

[verse 2]

They asking
Who's the best in recent years
Shady, Nas, and Cerberus
Thats what Id love to hear
Me going down as one of the G.O.A.T's
Cuz of my quotes
And how I boast
And how I structure songs
"Man thats dope"
Thats all i want in life
A couple plaques and respect all because of how I rhyme
And if possible then maybe even a Grammy too
Acting out my acceptance speech down in my family room
Playing make believe, like Im back in pre-school
Ask myself questions then answer like Im being interviewed
Seems like every other day Im with Martinez or Sway
Chilling in the studio, making them laugh at what I say
Go to Power 105 and chop it up with Charlemagne
Thats the type of life I want I think about it every day
I want the money, the women, the fortune, the fame
Even if it means going to hell, burning in flames
Word to shade


Now Im
Watching my fantasy unveil
Sitting in my crazy train just feeling it derail
And still
It really boggles my mind
How I started off writing poems
Now Im always dropping rhymes
So much progress has happened
With my projects dealing sith rappin'
I always knew this would happen
Intelligent kid with a voice, a deadly combination
I got plans to rule the world and be an overnight sensation
Ill fulfill my prophecy
And be everything I could be
Greatest of all time maybe the king of all that I see
And not only are these dreams
But these will be reality
Just give me a couple years and eventually you will see
That Ill be mourned forever
When they hear about my passing that moment will be remembered
From the time that it happens to mother nature last december
Im going down in history
As nothing less but a G-O-A-T

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