Cerberus - Who Am I [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Cerberus
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: NewDerseyBeats

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Tekst piosenki

Verse 1

Flow stays tight in the books,haven't i educated ya?
Coming at this instrumentals as smooth as Vivaldi
I'm impeccable
I'm the villain of my own fable
Rep my city with passion
My words can make you homeless
"Yo ,that ain't coo, that ain't fashion"
Lyrical master,Mayweather's pastor
Matter of fact,i get murdered by a burglar every day
Stories,never bore me like my faith turned into destiny in guantanamo bay
I bay at the moon,astonishing bearing cuz the moon shines my way
I guess that's a moonshine
Just like my life a morbid line
That's divine,deprecating self-hatred in a shaolin shrine
Sold my life,voided souls
I guess sharing my experiences with ya will never kill goals
This shit might be drama like a primadona
I'm on my prime,pedaling with some madonna
Mad on some fiends that used to call'em friends
Felicity and veracity have no place in fellacity
Hell of a city for fancy white bitches award winners
What's going on with me,born different and they still think i was born sinner
I hide my personalities behind cynical faces
A melancholic trying to reach nocturnal spaces
Tryin to step up my state of mind
Like a man trapped in his world,vibing like a stoner,stone blind
Shit,i don't care if you think i'm horrendous
Horror and hollow places where are you gonna send us
With the good or bad,heaven or hell, dead or alive
Self-proclaimed a bastard,battling my ignorance like i'm trying to survive
In this cold world
Wondering my trust on the whorled people
Cuz i'm mad on wayne for being at the round table
Now i see my future through the napoleon's eye
Eye of the leader,eye of the cheetah
I guess i'm a cheater with my own heart
Heartfelt cuz it's way cheaper
Chilling with the beat cuz that's the only way to make me feel this
Trained to tell tales,drinking my cocktail
While you expect another cock tale
Or a retard locking and killing whales
Covered by fishscales cuz i've seen ghost smokin it
No one supports me cuz i don't rap in my own language
I spit legit legal rhymes that still causes collateral damage
Smack those fuckers down , it's annihilation savage
Why you average,aluminate foil for your raps like a crazy ass dr house with no bandage
I still have some flaws
Terrified of every man who is crucified by these laws
In a world judged by the looks,guided by the murphy's laws
I thought that money is the way to be no longer the lamest
Wrong,money are put on a tray so you can't be eager when you eat'em
I'm treated like a joke when i tell the truth
Shit i told ya something about me with my necessary proof

Yeah this is me a guy born in the unknown
Yeah this is me a guy with a bullied a childhood
Man i look different , i just want chance
Don't make a fool of me,i can comprehend anything
I will always be here waiting for that something

Verse 2

Who am i? another fucker with no future , no money and no shit
Walking silently through this intellectual people i don't know where i fit
Told myself that i can rule the world with my delicate hands
Healing wounds with these rhymes cuz that's my own relief
Relentlessly releasing this story in glory sharing my angelic grief
Life is based on a single equation
The deeper you are the more intelligent you will become
Turned off the lights to get back in my amnesia
President says:don't talk trash" then he gave me the anesthesia
When i was just little kid i had big dreams
Wanted to become an nba player it seems
Can't find the things which bring me joy
My Basketball is no longer a toy
King of sadness is what i earned from my experiences
I don't know what my future indicates
All i do is lose , no one to accuse
Spread the message now god has to choose

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