Chakkra Tara - Gone Forever [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Chakkra Tara
Data wydania: 2015-07-13
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Chakkra Tara
Tekst: Chakkra Tara

Tekst piosenki

[Intro: 169]

Living life is so easy
When I' around you I feel so free
Without you, I don't know what I'd do
Because your company is everything
You gotta, let me know, if this can
Work between us babe
If you are, down for this
Tell me soon
I'm longing for your love again

[Verse: Chakkra Tara]
I probably won't even have you
We two different people
On two separate pages
But my patience weighing thinner through the ages
Im starting to fall for all these women
Im at a phase in my life where I only want one with the hopes that in time she will have my son
But for some reason I havnt been satisfied
So I eventually gain to lose one
Couldn't devote my full time to a woman because all the feelings are never the same
And the only woman that I ever saw a future with
Doesnt look at me the same
And my potential would never lay claim
So I moved on for the better
Look how far I came
After a year passed
I felt a change
Came back from spring break
Nothing was the same
My father told me not to be like him
And aspire to be something great in the end
One night in the club I was with all my enemys drinkem on Hennessey
Dancing with womem not focused on anything
That moment yes I realized it was real
Cause I knew my enemys showed me more lov than the people that I called my brothers
You know how that feel
Met with a friend way way up in stn mountain
For a weekend me and her got to chill
Got her own place
Told me im her first bit of company
Man i had to stay just to heal
Talked about things on the road/
Told me she down for me even if things ain't ago
Always got somewhere to be when im feeling alone
Why does she care for me so
Why does she do this for me
Knowing my past and my present
I guess she knows im tryna grow
Told me a secret nobody will know
Just know that ill take care of you and my woes
Even if im in the cut on the low
Sad thing is when I went back to the A we became out of touch out of sight so you know
That was a time in my life where I finally figured out that there was hope
A good woman is an investment
But only if her spirit links with your own
Opposites tend to attract in this zone
Girl pick up your phone
This is the reason why i can not trust
This is the reason why I choose to lust
This my reason for being the person I am today
Just need some way to adjust
I need to be intimate soon before summer comes to a closing
Don't know what to do
So I guess I will lay down fall asleep to the beat and forget everything about you
Joy hit me up
Asked me what is wrong
Told her everything is all good/ but she knew that that was wrong
In the end she said that I am special and shouldn't think otherwise for long
For way too long

[Hook: 169]

Tell me soon, I'm longing for your love again
I'm longing for your love again

[Verse: Chakkra Tara]

All I anted was a kiss goodbye
Please don't go and cry
God gave us try
We were never meant to be
In life
But everything gone be alright
And yes I understand
That love is hard to find
Lets take this sip of wine
Loo into each others eyes
Bask inside this moment
Reminisce in due time
I wish we could've been together
I wish u would've never left the city
Now I'm all alone
There's been stormy weather
Clouding my confidence
Will u ever come back
Was it worth it at least
Do u think of me like that
Would it be better
If I stop talking bout you
Or do you like to hear your name because it brightens your mood
I wish I
Wish I could hold you
I hope you happy
With whomever you choose
I was loyal
I was loyal to you
But I guess
I guess that's
Not enough for you

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