Chakkra Tara - Madness [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Chakkra Tara
Data wydania: 2015-07-15
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Verse: Chakkra Tara]

Can I hold you
Present you as my own baby
No I don't own you
Just wanna show u off
Call me crazy
Can I show you
What it truly means to care for you baby
Get to know you
Shower you excellence baby
Do you mind if
I make the time to take you out baby
Would I be blind if
I said that you are beautiful baby
No don't be shy just
Look into the mirror more baby
And girl you'll find that
God knows your a Queen and a lady
You see your color
Don't define how heaven sent you are baby
I love your color
You a little dark to me baby
Your flavor sweet when I taste you
And oh yes I embrace you
Girl your fruit is so graceful
Close your eyes and lay your head back
Show you how far I can take you
Let me be your king and guide you through your journey
I'll make you
A promise I won't forsake you
And break you within our label
I want you to have my children
I vow that i will be faithful
And grateful that God has made you
Forever my love will save you
Your flaws are what really makes you
Sometimes I feel like I hate you
Cause you don't recognize what I'm telling you to your face boo
Maybe your past ain't tasteful
Maybe you were abused
And misused all over the table
So let me come up and wake u
I'm good alone on this road
Just need some more inspiration
That passion mommy and daddy bad when they were in relations
But I don't want this to shorten up like all my past relations
Hope there's more have conversations

[Verse: Chakkra Tara]

I don't have no one special
I just went through points in my life where
I figured that you cared so maybe Id help you
Maybe I could grow from this light conversation your true emotion
Isn't hidden just say it, if u don't want nothing to do with me say it
You told me be real so right now Ima lay it
I hate all the things you did to me, I hate it
You told me I'm special but said u can't make it right after
I told people you were my angel, created my own demons
So I could let you walk into my bedroom lay down and feel
Special I wish I ain't met you, I wish I ain't let u in
Cause I don't get you, your actions make no sense
Don't hear what I tell you, you talking too much girl
Just listen and come thru
Stop making all this noise bout what you gone do just
Sit down and tell me is this what you want boo
This life I'm liven ain't easy ain't for you
But I'm tryna open tryna adore you, you make things harder for
Me than its supposed I'm not your average Joe don't tell I'm supposed to be anything local
I'm far from the weak minded people you spoke to
I had my reasons for why I approached you but now I regret everything I been going through
Where is the love when u need it
Where is the understanding I don't see it
Where is the feeling from in the beginning
Man clearly that faded cause girl I don't see it
Overtime you got so simple, couldn't be there for you I had to leave it
I remember john told me, watch out for these women they
Only are focused on what u are holding, since then
Friendships never molding, still haven't met a woman whose mature
Enough to grow in honesty love and respect
Something that doesn't look plain
To everyone else its insane
Showing out making a name
But honestly all of these people be drinking so that they elevate all of they pain

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